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Extend your market reach, gain new customers and grow your revenue.  Increase your relevance to customers with static and variable print-on-demand offerings and impress them with a new set of capabilities.

Our solutions cover three main application areas – Media Personalisation, Web-to-Print Portals and Marketing Automation - all united through a common technology foundation. The XMPie (Xerox) or Catfish (Infigo) architecture is unique in that it uses a modular approach where data and business rules are shared across multiple channels.

Catfish has opened up new doors to business that we’ve never been able to do before. We’re on course to nearly doubling our print business and Catfish has played a major part in this growth.


Key Features for your print business…


  • Win new business and retain clients - Offer new services that keep customers coming back for more.
  • Expand your business online - Customise Catfish to suit your business’ look and open a 24-hour shop-front to both business-to-businesses and direct retail Clients.
  • One platform for all your needs - Catfish delivers everything from web-to-print, personalisation, mail merge, stock management and more.
  • It’s easy to manage and maintain - The template designer is so easy-to-use that no technical knowledge is needed for this Adobe plug-in. And a single template can be used for both print production and digital distribution such as email.
  • Increase the efficiency of services - Catfish’s instant editing and proofing capability will revolutionise how you control and manage documents for your customers
For your customers...
  • Improve print management - Give customers a new way to manage, personalise and order both printed and branded merchandise – perfect for multi-site and franchise operations.
  • Greater control and efficiency - Catfish automates the production and delivery of items plus features a single page checkout process – eliminating bottlenecks for your customers and for you.
  • Easy access to your Catfish website - Customers can view your Catfish site on any device – it automatically adjusts to the screen size of the computer, tablet or mobile.
  • Lots of creative options - Customers can access a host of creative options such as 3D fonts, text on a curve, rotation and perspective plus personalise images.
  • Social interactions - Catfish is fully integrated with social media channels such as Facebook


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