Touchsafe Antiviral Zinc Oxide ZnO PPE Film

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COVID-19 PPE Solutions to Create Safer Public and Office Spaces. Protecting everyone from viral and bacterial contamination via the common surfaces we touch has clear benefits.


Advanced UK recognised the advantage, and we’ve developed solutions to bring this cutting-edge technology for protecting hospitals to make our offices, schools, and public places safer.


Gain 180-day protection with our proven touch-safe films. These zinc oxide based anti-viral surface solutions use nano-oxidization technology to kill 99.99% of viruses, bacteria, and moulds which contact the coated film surface, (including the suppression of COVID-19).

FDA and WHO approved, it’s delivered in a variety of sizes which can fit most surfaces, such as phones, tablets, office printer touch-screens, door handles etc.

Only ZnO PPE film can deliver SIX-MONTH surface protection on the multitude of surfaces we touch

Maximising your Protection

Touch-safe ZnO PPE film is the easy-to-deploy first line of defence against viruses and bacteria. Designed for use on all common touchpoints, you can apply it to anything from doors to elevator buttons, smart phones, and such common items as the touch screens of your office printers!

Unlike alternatives, it’s easily removeable, requires no special sprays or maintenance. Nor does the technology interfere with your routine cleaning regimen, so it’s a truly effective approach to creating safer spaces.

It’s practically impossible to sanitise all surfaces all of the time, to prevent re-contamination. ZnO films ‘self-sanitise’ by repelling and neutralising the pathogens. Their effectiveness has long been proven, and tested to the global standard JIS Z2801, showing a 99.99% success in killing coronavirus.

How Do I Order This Product?

Interested? Call the Advanced UK sales team on 01895 811811 to configure your solution. Products may be purchased outright or leased, together with rolling service contracts for the supply of consumables


  • We’ll work with you to estimate the quantities you require, and then establish a routine consumables replenishment.
  • We can supply ‘ready to use’ printed signs already covered in ZnO films via our network of specialist commercial print outlets.
  • Customised fulfilment services available upon request.

Active for 6 months

Environmentally friendly

99.99% kill strength

Advanced Anniversary 30 Years

Trusted Xerox Platinum Partner

Advanced UK is one of four trusted Xerox Platinum Partners and established for over a quarter of a century (since 1991). We pride ourselves with focusing on reliable customer service, entwined with the ability to identify and deliver the best managed-print service, production printing and digital transformation solutions for our clients’ every need. We also work in collaboration with leading technology and software providers to further enhance our value proposition and operate with a vendor-neutral approach.

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