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Paper drives business processes, especially for HR, finance, and H&S. For many firms, paper documents are legal requirements. What to do when the paper isn’t accessible? What if it was destroyed in a fire or flood, stolen or lost?

Paper Document Lifecycle Management

A document lifecycle management approach protects your organisation and reduces your costs while ensuring business continuity.

Your business continuity plan should address alternatives, suitable for the size of your organisation. Advanced UK have the solutions.


Re-organising your offices to address your social distancing obligations isn’t easy, but it’s harder still with filing cabinets and paper trays everywhere you look.

Digitising paper documents reduces risk, adds value and helps you to ensure your business processes can continue no matter what the event, regardless of where your staff are based.

Ignore the risks only if your organisation operates without any paper documents (otherwise, read on)

A Robust Business Continuity Strategy

Our app development team have created a unique interface to one of the global leaders in document lifecycle management. This puts secure document storage at the fingertips of every knowledge worker, and it frees them from the headaches and risks of document filing and distribution.

The COVID-19 pandemic is just the current disaster, but we’ve been helping clients to protect their businesses for 30 years. Localised events – such as fire or flood – can be just as devastating, but now we all have to consider the new Health & Safety regime, while having fewer administrative staff.

At Advanced UK, our own business continuity approach ensured ‘business as normal, and we’re ready to share our expertise.
Our document lifecycle management solutions and services are used by organisations of every size, from the smallest firm to global corporations. Let us show you what’s possible.

Benefits at a Glance

  • Have 24×7 access to your paper documents from anywhere.
  • Integrate our service so your inbound mail reaches your staff wherever they’re based.
  • No need to invest in time consuming scanning of ‘dead’ records – have them scanned on demand.
  • Total disaster recovery for your paper records.
  • Make your offices more efficient by removing the clutter of hanging files, lever arch folders, and archive boxes.
  • Protect your company sensitive and personal data from security breaches.
  • Simplify document administration: make paper as versatile as your digital records.
  • Lower your business operating costs.
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Here you can explore our comprehensive range of technology solutions and services. Just remember, you don’t have to go it alone! Why not call us, or use the contact form, and schedule a 1:1 meeting online or at your offices? We’re always ready to invest our time to help you discover the most appropriate and cost effective approach. There’s no charge for you to gain from our experience, and you’ll fast discover why Advanced UK is trusted by organisations covering the length and breadth of the United Kingdom.

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Advanced UK is one of four trusted Xerox Platinum Partners and established for over a quarter of a century (since 1991). We pride ourselves with focusing on reliable customer service, entwined with the ability to identify and deliver the best managed-print service, production printing and digital transformation solutions for our clients’ every need. We also work in collaboration with leading technology and software providers to further enhance our value proposition and operate with a vendor-neutral approach.

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