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At Advanced UK, we believe office printing shouldn’t cost a fortune. In fact, it should be easy, waste-free, secure and versatile, wherever you and your colleagues are working, and especially when transitioning to working from home.

Cut your Office Print Costs (& what your current supplier won’t tell you)

With our software, you can achieve savings of up to 35%, while secure print alone saves you 15% (and that adds up quickly).

We work with every brand of office printer, and it’s a scalable solution which can even be implemented FOR FREE, such is our confidence in our ability to save your organisation money.


Print cost control is about subtly changing user behaviour. Our software controls waste, implements security, sets usage limits, and enables full pay-for-print and print chargeback policies. Wherever you are, and however you want to print.

When we surveyed our customers, we found that implementing just one feature, like secure print release, helped them save as much as 15%.

Protect data before, during, and after printing, and know who has printed what, when, and how. It’s time to take control.

Print Management: it works for YOU

Our print management software has been proven by 100 million users across 70,000 organisations, so we know what we’re talking about. We’re keen on the environment too. For example, did you know that 12% of all print jobs go straight to the recycling bin? We’d love to help you stop that.

With one-touch scan to home folders, email, or cloud storage accounts like Google Drive, OneDrive, Sharepoint,, and Dropbox, you’ll discover that your transition to remote workers being able to maintain their productivity is not as complicated as your feared.

With every expenditure being questioned, we’re so confident that we’re going to save you money that we can deploy our software free of charge, and simply share in your savings.

Just to add icing to the cake, we can reduce your costs per page, whether colour or mono, and help you to reduce your print fleet which might not be used as much as it was last year.

Benefits at a Glance

  • Support for managed and BYOD systems, including iOS and Android devices.
  • Easy to use for all staff.
  • Push the right print queues and printer drivers to where your staff need to print.
  • Tap-and-release workflow lets user collect print job from any printer, all controlled via their mobile app.
  • Enforce document ownership through digital watermarks and digital signatures.
  • Prompt (or force) users to print in duplex, mono, etc. unless user overrides.
  • Enables a 100% standardised interface, regardless of which printer you’re using – and it follows you to every printer!
Advanced Anniversary 30 Years


Here you can explore our comprehensive range of technology solutions and services. Just remember, you don’t have to go it alone! Why not call us, or use the contact form, and schedule a 1:1 meeting online or at your offices? We’re always ready to invest our time to help you discover the most appropriate and cost effective approach. There’s no charge for you to gain from our experience, and you’ll fast discover why Advanced UK is trusted by organisations covering the length and breadth of the United Kingdom.


Save time and call us directly on 01895 811811. Our friendly team will be happy to answer any questions you have, or offer free guidance on the best solution for your business.

Trusted Xerox Platinum Partner

Advanced UK is one of four trusted Xerox Platinum Partners and established for over a quarter of a century (since 1991). We pride ourselves with focusing on reliable customer service, entwined with the ability to identify and deliver the best managed-print service, production printing and digital transformation solutions for our clients’ every need. We also work in collaboration with leading technology and software providers to further enhance our value proposition and operate with a vendor-neutral approach.

Ask the experts. Ask Advanced UK.

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