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Integrating print and digital media (in all of its flavours) transforms the brand experience to influence how the modern customer is making their buying decisions. This new approach is called multichannel marketing.

Integrated print and digital media for web, print, video and social marketing

Used across diverse industries, personalised and integrated communications are key to print-only companies seeking to transform into dynamic technology enterprises able to offer high margin solutions to manage highly effective direct marketing and cross-media campaigns.

Open new revenue opportunities! Start by launching an online web-to-print offering, integrated with your print operation, and extend to incorporating personalised video, using the software tools with which your teams are already familiar.


63% of the customer journey is now invisible to the vendor, and marketers need to maximise spend on those mediums to which individual customers react.

The multichannel marketing approach centres on the personalised delivery of the right content at the right time. The goal is to have clients engage with consistent messaging and branding to cause the highest conversion rates.

Diversify! Leverage your in-house skills to increase the profitability and resilience of your print business. It’s the logical next step.

Start with Enterprise Print

With Enterprise print as your launchpad, you can supercharge client documents with relevant messages, images and graphics to grab the audience’s attention, then automate the production of personalised print campaigns to motivate recipients to respond.

Using open architecture, you can start anywhere and add capabilities in a modular fashion to protect your investment as you grow.

Add Web-to-Print

A Web-to-Print software solution enables you to create and manage online stores and marketing portals, so you can deliver superior print-buying experiences, speed up storefront launch times, tailor storefronts entirely to each brand’s unique requirements, offer advanced VDP and even omnichannel campaigns from a storefront workflow, and extend your platform by integrating with third-party solutions.

Sell anything from hats and shirts to static print items, fully personalized items, on-the-fly document submission, labels and packaging, or complete multi-touchpoint omnichannel marketing campaigns.

Engage with your print buyer in new ways

As you develop your offering, incorporate new solutions such as personalised labels and packaging, email communications, or even deliver omnichannel campaigns, through which the print buyer can select, customise, order, execute and track multi-touchpoints campaigns directly from the storefront.

It all leads to more revenue generation, with sustainable value-added margins – and that’s just what the modern print operation requires.

Key benefits at a glance

  • Client acquisition is accelerated, with improved retention and higher volumes.
  • Overheads are reduced since a designer is no longer needed for every business card or text change, and ordering can be fully automated.
  • Integrations with multiple third-party systems means clients can visualise their packaging, or you can integrate with most MIS systems.
  • Scalable approach means you can progress to added value propositions as the demand appears.
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