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Digital transformation initiatives cover the entire spectrum of technology, but at their core they centre on replacing paper-based process with modern digital alternatives.

Digital transformation saves an average of 528 hours per employee cost per year

Freeing your employees from paper-based process touchpoints such as printing, copying, and scanning paper documents, to automating document-based routines (such as the filing of expense reports), helps to create a more agile, efficient and secure workplace, with enhanced risk mitigation in respect of regulatory compliance.


Digital Transformation is the all-encompassing drive to automate business processes and to reduce paper-based routines. It can even include using social media for marketing, data analytics, through to offering new digital products and services via digital channels. As a whole, you should define its goals as being to help your employees to work more efficiently through removing the legacy processes which stifle their productivity.

Digtial transformation: start at the root of the problem by digitising data collection, and automating your staff’s data-related work

Digital Workplace Transformation

We focus on the workplace to highlight that your digital transformation journey should commence with simply digitising your data collection activities.

Digitising documents frees up space, saves time finding documents and, critically, it supports the mobile workforce. Being more secure than loose papers, once digitised, you are mitigating on of the most common critical risks in respect of your enterprise business continuity planning.

By careful deployment of Cloud and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, you can boost productivity and save time. By managing documents digitally and automating data-related work, training and customer service, you’re building a more agile, flexible business.

Key examples of such technology include the use of XeroxTM ConnectKey apps embedded on your MFDs. Such an extended library of business apps, with the option to have customised routines too, transforms the office printer into a digital workplace assistant.

Moving up a tier, one discovers XeroxTM Intelligent Workplace Services, which uses comprehensive security, analytics, digitisation and cloud technologies and software to deliver a more seamless work experience across paper and digital platforms.

Finally, one will consider Robotic Process Automation (RPA), which automates repetitive manual process.

Benefits at a Glance

  • Simplifying the storing, converting, sending, or otherwise processing documents, you can eliminate the multi-touch actions which harm staff productivity;
  • Protect your organisation by preventing and detecting misuse of your company data;
  • Cloud-based connector apps simplify the creation of highly efficient workflows by connecting your ConnectKey® Technology- enabled printers to your cloud storage app of choice;
  • Integrated print management builds a better workplace, by incorporating comprehensive security, analytics, digitization and cloud technologies and software to deliver a more seamless work experience across paper and digital platforms.
  • Integrating document management and workflow, enhances the transition from cumbersome paper-based processes, while creating a truly modern ‘work from anywhere’ digital environment;
  • Ensure rigid regulatory compliance, whether for the Data Protection Act, SRA, HMRC, FCA and more.
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