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Our DPO-as-a-Service is designed to help clients meet their obligations under the GDPR through the provision of a team headed by a career data protection expert.

GDPR Compliance via an Outsourced Data Protection Officer (DPO)

More cost effective than a full-time role, this enables clients to have ready access to the day-to-day advice they require, as well as the opportunity for on-site or in-depth consultations as needs arise, such as the processing of SARs or the time-critical handling of data breaches.


Your DPO is there to inform and advise on your data protection obligations, fulfilling their duties to audit, mentor, train, across all levels of the organisation.

They function equally as a customer advocate and regulatory representative, and their primary goal is to ensure only the minimum amount of personal data is captured, and that its use is in accordance with the law and expectations of the individual. They must be external to your business process.

Your DPO works alongside your teams to create a legally defensible position in respect of all personal data processed

Our DPO Team

Our lead Data Protection Officer has 23 years’ experience in privacy and business continuity. He is currently the DPO for an international software corporation, the world’s largest children’s charity, and a special advisor on data protection to a prestigious law firm. He has considerable experience as the DPO for a large Schools Academy Trust.

We guide our clients to approach data protection is driven an exercise in risk management, and there are significant IT and business continuity overlaps. For this reason, our team is multi-disciplinary and able to offer the soundest guidance.

Our mantra is clear:
‘If what you are proposing to do with personal data might cause surprise to the individual, then you probably shouldn’t be doing it.’
It’s fabulous to get calls from people who remember this above all else!

A Service Designed for You

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to your DPO: the needs of a public body are wildly different from a commercial enterprise, or where children are involved or where special category data is being processed.

We start with a set monthly retainer, covering the essential hours required, and this is supplemented on-demand according to data protection events (which might be in-depth support for a subject access request, for example).

There can be circumstances where emergency support is required: with our DPO-as-a-Service, there can be provision for all eventualities.

DPO-as-a-Service Functions

  • Mentor the Executive, and subordinates, through guidance and patient explanation of the legal principles.
  • Audit the business processes, and to be involved in ensuring ‘privacy by design’ before personal data is processed.
  • Conduct or supervise, and review data protection impact assessments (DPIAs), and to advise the Executive on the outcomes.
  • Act as the contact point for both the public and the Supervisory Authority (the regulator).
  • Draft internal data protection policies, raising awareness, training, and management of the appropriate data protection registers.
  • Submit periodic reports to the Executive advising them of risks and organisational deficiencies. This may require attendance at Board meetings, depending on the client.
  • At all times, to work towards creating a legally defensible position with regards to the client’s use of personal data, and to demonstrate the client’s adherence to – and respect of – all appropriate data protection legislation.
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