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Gaining your Certificate of the Business Continuity Institute (CBCI) is the first step towards creating a robust business, one able to face – and survive – the modern challenges.

Strengthen your Organisation with a Certificate of Business Continuity

We’ve designed our course to deliver 1:1 personalised training. It’s the essential preparation for the examination, and it’s suitable for all interested members of your organisation.

Best of all, it’s 100% online with your tutor, and paced to allow ample study (and work) time.


Business Continuity is not just an IT problem! Your auditors have a legal duty to understand the continued viability of your business, your suppliers, shareholders, and your bank may be questioning your creditworthiness and risk, and your clients will also be undertaking their own due diligence.

Prepare your business, using both external guidance and internal staff to demonstrate in concrete terms that you’re ready!

How would you rate your business continuity preparations? Is your organisation ready for the tidal wave of change?

Why Business Continuity?

The Advanced UK specialist consultancy team for Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR) have the experience to address the needs of organisations of all sizes, and across diverse industries.

As the COVD-19 crisis has highlighted, business continuity is far more than an IT issue. You face risks from fire, flood, regulatory breaches, and public relations disaster too. Your supply chain can disintegrate overnight, and critical clients can vanish.

Training in how to recognise and prepare for such risks is your first line of defence. Certification doesn’t make you an expert, but it increases your potential to become self-reliant and, thereby, stronger.

A Tidal Wave of Change

Your organisation is unique, as are your risks. No one else has the same people, processes, or geography. You’re also facing a truly unprecedented rate of change and, thus, fresh perils which must be recognised and mitigated.

For example, remote working carries enormous risks, spanning IT, HR, H&S, and regulatory. How will you manage the new normal, and has your Executive dedicated the additional resources to cope?

Digital transformation is accelerating too, as organisations are forced to ‘do more with less’, and this transition highlights the weaknesses in your processes and the shortcomings in your internal documentation.

Sponsor your key staff to gain formal certification in business continuity, and you’ll reap the benefits as your own team understand and implement the required methodologies to deliver the resilience you demand.

Our Unique Training Approach

  • Our courses are all online, which eliminates travel costs while minimising interruptions to your work cycles.
  • Your course tutor holds formal teaching qualifications, and many years of experience.
  • Personalised learning is most effective, and so our courses are designed for 1:1 or 1:2 learning. Engage with your tutor directly, referencing your organisation privately.
  • ‘Boiler room’ training results in surface knowledge, so we teach one day per week for better knowledge retention.
  • We cover the six modules: Policy and Programme Management, Embedding Business Continuity, Analysis, Design, Implementation, and Validation, with practise exams and revision sessions.
  • Prior to taking the CBCI exam, we conduct a full-day review so you can be ready to score the highest marks.
  • The CBCI examination is two hours in duration, conducted online. Lasting exactly two hours, the candidates must tackle 120 multiple-choice questions.
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