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Three Benefits of Print Management in the Workplace

In almost any workplace there will be confidential documents stored on systems, and when it comes to printing them, it can often feel like a rush to retrieve them before anyone else accidentally picks them up. A print management system, will prove to be a great success in any workplace, read on to find out more.

Benefits of print management

1. Secure print

Security is crucial in any workplace when it comes to confidential documents, ensuring they are kept secure at all times. When it comes to printing classified documents, you want to avoid leaving it in the paper tray for someone else to pick up, and this can be difficult if the printer is a bit of a distance from your desk. With Print Management, all of your printers in the network will not be activated until the person who printed the document enters a PIN code or swipes their card. The form of security you have on your printing system is entirely up to you. The particular method assigned to each employee will hold every one of their print jobs, as well as allowing the user to print from any device, regardless on its location, through the Follow-you functionality.


2. Flexible mobile printing

As the digital world evolves further every day, more devices are created to enable you to print documents quickly and securely. Here at Advanced UK, we keep up with these, allowing you to print using your mobile device, with the same principles applying as when printing from a computer.


3. Cost control and reporting

Having an unsecured printing system in the workplace can put your entire network at risk, which could result in losing clients and ultimately profit. It is important to prevent printing documents unintentionally or multiple times to avoid unnecessary costs. A print management system will eliminate such errors, with all print jobs requiring authorisation before they begin. You can also track all copied, printed and scanned jobs and create automated reports, based on the user, device, location, cost centre or a particular project.

If you are interested in a print management system for your workplace, don’t hesitate to contact us on 01895 811 811, or leave us a message on our contact page.