Workflow Automation Collaboration for SME

By levering your organisation’s document workflows, Advanced UK can help you increase operational efficiency and capture more significant return on investment. Whether it’s improving customer service, cost recovery, transforming hard copy and electronic documents, or improving records and document workflows – we have the solutions to improve processes, collaboration and productivity.

  • Automate and manage information workflow processes
  • Streamline repeatable business processes
  • Use different capture methods across multiple devices
  • Access work anytime, anywhere without restrictions
  • Extend and deepen interconnectivity between current enterprise applications
  • Monitor key performance indicators
  • Easy identification of issues slowing your business processes
  • Recognise the need for voice and data and unified messaging

Our approach is to understand the key business drivers you have; then we find the right solution from our multiple partner solutions. A lot of functionality can be achieved from out the box solutions, or we need to consider additional systems dependant on the level of sophistication and automation you require.

We are committed to finding how we can enrich the investments you may have already made into back-end finance, HR, ERP, document and project management, systems.

1Cloud Services

Organisations have identified that cloud based solutions are the way to enable a faster deployment, simplicity with on boarding and easier to keep up to date with solution developments . Other benefits include reducing your internal IT overhead to manage the infrastructure and commercial benefits using the “SAAS” based pricing to make the solutions accessible to all businesses.

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2Business Apps

Exciting new business Apps are developing every day to deliver better workflow, customer experience, support and information. Xerox Connect key is an ecosystem built to give you a platform for growth and integrate into other systems or investments you have made. Standard Apps include Google drive, One drive, Microsoft 365 and Box. Xerox has a very impressive translation App resulting in the ability to translate documents in 44 languages in a few minutes and accuracy levels from 80-100% dependant on the timeframe and service selected.

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3Cisco Spark

Implementing a print management solution will enable you to dramatically increase data security , reduce costs by c 15% and reduce the environmental impact of print .New cloud based solutions also enable you to manage remote sites and eliminate the need for any print servers.

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iXware Cloud Scanning is a smart, global, online service which lets you scan documents to email or online repositories in different file formats. This scanning service gives the user basic scanning functionality without the need for local software or server. No system administration, maintenance or need to upgrade, ever. IXware Cloud Scanning is always up-to-date for document conversion and storage.

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5Data Security

Our solutions embrace the growing demand for tighter data security and also the desire for businesses to make sure that information is accessible in real time. Our solutions are scalable and cost effective for all businesses .Automating capture and application metadata is the first step in good information governance and also the first step to improve your business processes.

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