UniPrint Infinity SecurePrint Management Platform

Optimization is an increasingly crucial aspect of an organization’s workflow, and business automation is a fundamental element of digital transformation because it lessens the inadequacies in document creation and procession- thus, leading to a healthier bottom line and increased productivity.

Fast and reliable printing across all types of computing platforms

UniPrint Infinity is the ONE print management solution for your organization

At its core, digital transformation at the workplace is all about streamlining how work is done and looking out for new ways to improve the workflow of existing documents.

UniPrint Infinity SecurePrint Management Platform is a fundamental asset that’ll help to make your processes more cost-effective, secure, efficient and ultimately successful.

UniPrint Infinity is a reliable, fast and all-inclusive print management solution for your organization’s printing challenges. Whether you’re deploying on mobile, server-based, VDI, serverless, cloud, or even traditional environment, the single management platform comes in handy, and it’ll help you to improve workflow optimization.

With One Centralized Web-based Management Console, One Virtual Print Queue, and One PDF based Universal Printer Device, the multipurpose UniPrint Infinity solution is completely printer-vendor agnostic and can be used in any computing environment.

Key Benefits of UniPrint Infinity

  • Dramatically reduces your print related help desk calls by up to 75%
  • Helps you to save about 20% to 40% on print costs
  • On-demand, secure printing from any device and anywhere
  • Achieve the best workflow efficiency through reliable and fast printing via all computing platforms
  • Improves workflow optimization
  • Accomplish printer-vendor independency for your business environment

UniPrint Infinity is the ONE print management solution

UniPrint Infinity is an all-inclusive print management solution; you can deploy and use it for printing through secluded and remote user meetings, whether you’re using Remote Desktop Services(RDS), Citrix, Cloud computing environments or VMware Horizon View. In addition to supporting mobile printing, UniPrint Infinity also supports laptop and traditional desktop environments. .

Direct IP Local Printing (Serverless)

With the serverless module, users can utilize direct IP printing amongst network printers and workstations, thus abolishing the necessity for print servers.

Mobile Printing Setup

Once users install the UniPrint app on their mobile device, they can connect it to the UniPrint Mobile Service and print directly from their phone. The Mobile Service will connect the users to the Infinity suite and allow them to maximize the power of secure pull printing technology to print on network printers. Alternatively, they can email their print job as an attachment to the email address of a dedicated printer.

Secure Pull Printing Setup

Given that all jobs are printed via SecurePrint; users will have to validate themselves to release their print job at a designated printer. The validation can be done using an embedded VPQ Connector, a vPad device or through mobile release.

Network Printers Setup

Connected users can print jobs from their server session using network printers that are connected to the UniPrint Server.

Client/Server Setup

Users can directly print jobs from their server session to any local printer that is linked to their workstation.

UniPrint Infinity Software

UniPrint Infinity can be deployed and used for printing through remote user sessions, whether using Citrix, Remote Desktop Services (RDS), VMware Horizon View, or Cloud computing environments. UniPrint also supports traditional desktop and laptop environments, as well as mobile printing.

UniPrint Infinity Overview

Standard Features and Additional Modules of UniPrint Infinity

Centralized Management Console

Administrators can use the centralized management console to manage One PDF based Universal Printer Device. The management console is web-based and can be opened using any web browser that supports HTML5. UniPrint Access controls give Administrators the privilege to either restrict or allow access to separate features that are located within the console. For audit purposes, Administrators can use the console to track the user’s activity comprehensively.

PDF Conversion and Compression

The conversion and compression of print jobs reduce bandwidth usage by about 90%. When the compressed PDFs are sent for printing, there’ll also be a reduced bandage usage over different WAN connections. Print traffics also routed via a short path using direct contact on the local subnet.

PrintPAL Printer Mapping

PrintPAL printer mapping service allows for consistent and centralized printer mapping via IP addresses, Active Directory or device names. It also guarantees that users are continuously assigned with correct printers no matter where they’re working from and when they’re working.

Client Session Printing

UniPrint Infinity simplifies client session printing via the auto-creation of client-side printers. Within the remote client session, a user’s local printer can be created and presented- this will allow for direct printing from remote sessions to the local printer.

Virtual Print Queue

UniPrint Infinity will help to eliminate printer mapping issues by allowing an entire enterprise network to print jobs through a single Virtual Print Queue(VPQ). In addition to that, users can manage all the print jobs that are sent to the VPQ right from their user session.

UniPrint Vault Mobile App

Users can use UniPrint’s Mobile App to release print jobs. UniPrint Vault allows both Apple and Android users to discharge their print jobs directly from their mobile devices using NFC, QR codes and iBeacon technologies.

Printer Profiles

UniPrint Infinity offers administrators the privilege to create custom printer profiles with viable options like stacking, hole punching and stapling. The profiling and customization can be done on per driver or printer basis.

Archiving and Statistics

UniPrint Infinity allows for the tracking and inspection of the print statistics of users. With that, administrators can get an insight into who prints what, when and where; they can also monitor for peculiarities and store copies of print jobs in an easy-to-use PDF-formats for regulatory and security compliance.

Mobile Printing

UniPrint Share for Apple OSX/iOS does not limit users to AirPrint certified printers alone. It offers the privilege to print directly to any available network printer. In addition to that, Android users can connect to UniPrint Print service for Andriod and directly print from their mobile devices to shared printers. Mobile printing is comfortable, easily deployable and does not require any client software.

Secure Pull Printing/vPad Series

One of the advantages of on-demand pull printing is that it’s safe and it decreases consumables and waste by making it impossible for users to obtain their printouts until it has arrived at the printing station. Upon arrival, it’ll then authorize release.

Serverless Printing

UniPrint Infinity allows for direct IP printing between network printers and workstations, thus eliminating the necessity for costly and dedicated print servers. The purpose of the serverless printing is to provide solutions focused on driver packaging, management, and distribution as well as printer management right from the user’s workstation.

High Availability

UniPrint Infinity offers full redundancy with duplicated bridge and print servers- this mainly helps to eliminate and prevent points of failure in the printing infrastructures.  It also guarantees 24/7 maximum printing uptime, assures reliable and fast printing in enterprise environments, and automatically synchronize the configurations between primary and secondary print servers in availability environments.

Want to ensure that your print document or jobs don’t end in the wrong hands?

UniPrint Infinity is the solution, and with it, every of your print and document management processes and procedures will be hassle-free. To arrange for a free trial or schedule a demo, contact us today. We’re just a message away.