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Enterprise print management to eliminate print servers!

PrinterLogic helps IT professionals eliminate all print servers and deliver a highly available Serverless Printing Infrastructure. With its centrally managed Direct IP printing platform, you’ll empower end users with mobile printing, secure release printing, and many advanced features that legacy print management applications can’t provide.

With a development history dating back to 2001, PrinterLogic has grown continuously, and in 2017 the company launched a true SaaS solution of its software under the name PrinterCloud. In 2018 they underwent another major portfolio expansion when PrinterLogic acquired MaxxVault, a leading provider of Enterprise Content Management software.

Key features

Automated Migration

Easily migrate printers from print servers and import unmanaged direct IP printers

How it Works
1. Migration tool copies printer objects & drivers from print servers into Admin Console
2. CSV uploader mass imports any unmanaged direct IP printers
3. Workstation Client silently converts Windows shared printers into direct IP
4. Workstation Client assumes management of all printer objects

Printer Object Deployment

Silently deploy drivers, settings, and updates to end users without scripting & GPOs

How it Works
1. Configure printer objects to deploy by AD, IDP Services, hostname and/or location
2. Client checks in for new printer deployments and/or updates
3. Client receives & configures changes on the workstation
4. End users find and install additional printers using the Self Service Printer Installation Portal

Advanced Reporting

Track all print/scan/copy activity across your organization down to the user level

How it Works
Our detailed reports enable you to see printing activity down to the user & device level across your entire organization.
1. Store print job metadata in the internally-managed database
2. Integrate printing data with your existing BI tools
3.  Track print job costs & USB printing activity
4.  Monitor SNMP status of printers & get alerts

Printer Object Management

Centrally manage printers, drivers & profiles from any manufacturer for Windows, Mac, Linux and Chrome OS users

How it Works
1. Support native drivers from any printer manufacturer
2. Manage deployment settings for Windows, Mac, Linux, & Chromebook users
3. Centrally manage printer object attributes such as name, IP address, drivers & profiles
4. Create new printer objects & update existing objects as needed

Serverless Printing Infrastructure

Centrally manage direct IP printing without the need for print servers

How it Works
1. Centrally manage printer objects and profile settings in the Admin Console
2. Workstation Client checks in with Admin Console and checks for updates
3. Deliver updates and install any new drivers directly on user endpoints
4. Spool print jobs on user endpoints and send directly to printers

Mobile Printing

Empower end users to natively print from their mobile devices

How it Works
With Mobile Printing, your users can create print jobs wherever they are, directly from their mobile device.
1. Natively print from Android and iOS devices
2. Support BYOD users
3. Enable guest printing
4. Support off-network users with email printing