Managed Print Document Services

Many large organisations understand what their total cost of ownership of office printing is per annum. If they do have a good understanding, it tends to be around the direct hard costs like rental, service and consumables spend which generally accounts for 20% of spend. Most businesses struggle to recognise the soft and hidden costs, for example, IT implementation and ongoing support, document storage, archive and retrieval, printer asset management, training and delivery services and supporting any devices, not on a Managed Print Services contract. These costs can account for 80% of all charges. Rest assured with Advanced UK “you are in very safe hands”. Our average tenure for corporate companies is over ten years.

Managed Print Document Services Opportunities for Corporates

In fact, we feel the focus has to be on print and documents and recognise the challenges of digitising hard copy paper.

With centralised management of your networked print devices, the Managed Print Services solution is scalable by user, department or company-wide. Our solution balances the needs of budget versus services versus innovation.

Potential benefits include

  • Cut costs on printing costs through a standardised cost per page regardless of coverage or wastage. Also, you don’t pay anything for the consumables until you print something. We usually see savings of 15-30 % with companies moving to a level 1 Managed Print Services solution.
  • Ensure you have total peace of mind data and device security with vulnerability reporting using Cisco McAfee
  • Reduce energy– Typically 10-15% reduction in the environmental impact of print on the environment
  • Reduce waste by allowing the Managed Print Services system only to order what you need when you need it
  • Free up IT resources for more business-critical tasks
  • Work with you to seek integration and workflow& application opportunities into back-end systems like Oracle, SharePoint, SAP / Box etc
  • Enhance employee productivity by personalising the user experience and customising the workflow to aid the digitisation process,
  • Control and forecasting of budgeting made a lot more comfortable with a fixed cost per page and robust management information to forecast expenditure
  • Increase device uptime with us monitoring the printers remotely and proactively managing enabling us to achieve devices uptime by 99%.
  • Improve device to user ratio and increase asset utilisation
  • Seek digital alternatives to printing to drive print reduction initiatives
  • Share stronger data analytics to enable quicker decision making
  • Build robust and measurable SLAs with KPIs with a consistent account management process across the contract lifecycle.
  • Be transparent with our service delivery portal enabling you to have a login to see in real time what is happening and help internal IT SLA delivery
  • Exploring the potential benefits of 3D, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality within the business.


Managed Print Services checklist

1. Can the provider support efforts to secure project sponsorship & communicate change throughout my organisation?

2. What tools does the provider offer to assess current infrastructure accurately?

3. How will they accurately measure & report cost reductions

4. Can the MPS provider manage office, production & marketing services across your whole organisation?

5. Does the provider have solutions that address environmental sustainably goals

6. How will the provider integrate within my IT Infrastructure?

7. Security is a serious concern today, how and what measures will the provider take for print & data security

8. How will the provider support my mobile workforce?

9. Can the provider improve workflow automation or optimise business processes

10. Can the provider quantify performance or continuous improvement?

11. Does the provider have a proven track record?

12. Does the provider have the strategic vision to grow with my needs in the future?

13. Does the Managed Print Service provider define managed print as just printers, MFDs & consumable management or do they include a print server, driver & queue management

14. Can the provider offer scalability, flexibility or European and global delivery capabilities?

15. Is the provider serious about helping you print less

16. What measures are in place to manage you throughout the contract term versus just the sales process?

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