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Physical & digital print and data assessments

Advanced Columbus is our discovery approach to take a holistic view of how companies work with documents and their impact on both internal and external processes.

Our areas of focus include us understanding the physical environment and infrastructure with the knowledge shared by talking to key document and process stakeholders and mapping out the current flow of information.

Our process includes deploying a small agent onto the server to identify all physical devices and a walk round helps us plot these devices onto a schematic.

Our objectives are to help you reduce cost, improve security and make employees more productive.

Whilst other companies walk in a and say we guarantee you 30% savings we always respect that companies may already have  a good purchasing policy and print management processes in place.

Experience though does tell us that if a company has not addressed this area and applied some device rationalisation in the past that savings are normally 20% or greater.

Even if companies have implemented an MPS solution, we find that many have not seen any real changes to the solution that was implemented from day one and therefore some of the key benefits remain out of reach. In this area Advanced are very committed to identifying digital alternatives for example to drive further savings as well as help with automation, collaboration and data security.

From start to finish we set an expectation of 6 weeks to allow the scoping , data and information capture over a few weeks then compile the report. We feel our report is one of the most comprehensive in the industry and any associated charges would be discussed after we have conducted an initial scoping exercise typically lasting an hour.

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