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Real Time Analytics for Companies

The power of real-time analytics for companies is growing with expectations growing to analyse and control trends to help make quicker decisions to drive change.

Advanced UK focuses on providing you with the tools to look at different metrics across our solutions concentrate on printing trends, user and departmental behaviour and real-time service delivery information. New technologies are taking the implementation from always being centrally deployed with the risk of the user not wholly buying in, to more gamification encouraging your staff to understand the personal impact they may have on reducing costs and environmental benefits. Advanced solutions in this area can be with or without technology enabling you to pursue incremental savings from your current supplier.

1User Analytics

Print management solutions sometimes lack quick access to key information without doing various exports into separate spreadsheets. Xerox user analytics solution gives you additional layers of data across printing devices, user trends, and the document process. We enable you to capture & visualize data in easy to configure reports in real time.

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2Print Awareness Tools

Advanced announcing a new and exciting office supplies, stationary and workplace solutions E commerce website. Whilst our solutions are not totally unique our approach is different by helping you control spend and we help you seek alternative solutions using our huge 50,000 + product portfolio. Please click on the link to access our new fresh & vibrant website www.??????????

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3Fleet Management Portal

For our managed print & document services clients, we give you a login to our asset management system to help you see in real time an open and transparent view of your printing devices and their status across supplies, service requests, meter reads and outstanding orders. This enables you to lift the customer service delivery to your internal users as well.

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