Smart Plant Systems (SPS)

Because occupational
safety is no accident!

The safety of your employees and contractors is not just good corporate governance, it’s a social and legal imperative. We’ve partnered with Smart Plant Systems (SPS) because of their unique AI driven detection systems for lone worker safety, combined with an extensive array of industrial and worker safety environmental monitoring solutions. SPS technology is Patent Pending and is not available elsewhere.

Smart Plant Systems (SPS)

Create a safer workplace for everyone

Whether you manage a plant room within a commercial facility, a warehouse, or even a complex office environment, light, heat, sound, vibration, air quality and many other factors can cause serious harm.

SPS monitors environments for changes in temperature, humidity, pressure, gas and CO, light, sound, motion and air quality. When contextualised, which is completed automatically through the SPS dashboard, it is easy for any user to understand the environment in which they are monitoring. Visual alerts confirm whether the environment is safe, potentially dangerous or dangerous, and the alerting protocol can be adjusted accordingly.

SPS Sensors
SPS System Interface

Who are Smart Plant Systems?

SPS is a next generation, bleeding edge environment visibility, safety, security and monitoring tool. The SPS solution encompasses a range of technologies, from environment visibility to lone worker safety and cyber security protection for BMS systems.

Plant rooms are dangerous environments, housing combustible gas fuelled burners / boilers which exhaust CO (an odourless, poisonous and tasteless noxious chemical – responsible for affecting over 10,000 people per year in the UK), high temperature systems, high pressure systems, high voltage electrical components, mechanical devices and much more. SPS was designed in the wake of Grenfell with a clear mindset:

The 4 Key Benefits of SPS monitoring

  • Risk reduction is essential to protect your organisation from claims of negligence or even corporate manslaughter.
  • Robust environmental monitoring is a core component of your environmental, social, and governance reporting.
  • Monitoring your electrical and fuel consumption is central to developing your Carbon Footprint reduction plan, and essential for targeted cost reduction measures.
  • SPS is a stand-alone unit which requires NO connections to any of your building or environment infrastructure. Unlike other monitoring solutions, SPS does not require an internet connection and the SPS solution will work in any environment, even areas with no cell signal (such as underground plant rooms) or places with no internet / communications.
SPS Sensors Phone App

SPS helps organisational safety


Poor air quality is the cause of 40% of office worker and visitor illness. Your SPS reporting dashboard offers historical and real-time air quality, allowing you to take recommended steps to improve internal air quality. Measure to as fine as PM10.

Tap Temperatures

Your business has a legal obligation to test water “tap temperatures” to comply with the ACOP L8 4th Edition Anti-Legionellosis regulations, but how? Deploy SPS wireless, long range, battery powered tap temperature sensors and it’s automated!

Environment Monitoring

Monitors environments for changes in temperature, humidity, pressure, gas and CO, light, sound, motion and air quality. Visual alerts confirm whether the environment is potentially dangerous, enabling you to take urgent action to prevent injury.