Columbus: Cost and Risk Discovery

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Columbus. Discover Efficiency!

Your discovery of how to improve efficiency and reduce costs may be a new journey, but the potential rewards are unlimited.  We have expanded our team of expert consultants and equipped them with a leading portfolio of solutions.  They will navigate your organisation to its optimum efficiency with improved profitability.

When choosing Advanced UK, your document processes and related technologies are looked at by experienced, professionals who understand the importance of maximising your business results. We listen to you, understand your business needs, then deliver and maintain a productive solution based on your requirements.

Here are some of the things we can help you with:

  • Cost reduction
  • Print management
  • Document automation, workflow & collaboration
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Cyber security
  • Process outsourcing

We look at the entire lifecycle of your documents & processes

Driving down costs and improving profit are commercial imperatives, but where do you start?

At Advanced UK, we believe the answers lie closer to home. Whether it’s waste on printing, inefficient administrative operations, or merely using the outdated tools for the job.  We are confident that we can deliver the results, we make it easy and we guarantee the savings.

Deloitte Consulting:  “Save to grow is alive and well,”  Companies realise growth cannot come for free and are looking for cost reductions to invest in growth strategies.

After all, to generate the £10,000 you waste in a process probably costs you £100,000 in added sales and marketing.

Managed Print Service

Does your print management contract charge you three times for every colour print? If yes, what are the hidden charges?

Do you know how many pages you print in any month, quarter or year? The answer is lots, yet the net result is the same. Your costs on this essential office function can reach crippling levels and we work with you to support mass cost savings.

Your print audit and analysis is used to establish the correct print fleet size, and it determines the output volumes and running costs, along with quantifying the actual device utilisation.   This reveals the opportunities which might exist to bypass printing altogether via the adoption of digital alternatives.  Your security exposure will be evaluated too, especially important given the typical copier or printer has a hard drive and USB ports and can be broadcasting to the world.

Your bespoke report will detail your expenditure and the total potential savings

Don’t waste your resources! To process 750 accounts payable invoices per month costs the typical firm £15,000 per year in staffing costs. Artificial intelligence can reduce this by 85% or more.

We say you should automate the mundane!

The software can include the utilities to automatically translate documents (perhaps using your multifunctional printer?) to facilitate international trade.

If you use MS-SharePoint, you’ll recognise the speed advantage of being able to scan documents directly into your file-store from your copier or print without having to return to your desk.  Integrate with mobile devices, and your entire office can be accessible to authorised users in the field or remote workers.

Leverage the access to bespoke front-end software applications, such as the Xerox ConnectKey, which may be loaded on your phones, tablets, or copier to ‘push’ documents into workflow routines.

When combined, such tools improve customer services and reduce the perpetual hunting for misplaced documents in the office

We can secure your printers, encrypt your email and get you security certified too.