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Fully informed decision making

Unleash the real potential of your Managed Print Service – turn your data into useful knowledge at the touch of a button.

Presenting a user friendly graphic interface for visualisation of data, data analysis and real time data modelling for fully informed decision making and shorter time to revenue.

Sophisticated and intelligent data delivery

A unique application to unleash the real potential of your Managed Print Service – turn your data into useful knowledge at the touch of a button.

Take control of your data with CompleteView – the intelligent application takes your data and imbues it with meaning to return compelling information back to you. This information is delivered back to you in a logical, interactive format that easily enables you to gain valuable insights into your print environment and empowers you to more effectively understand and control both your current and future print situation.


Combine data from virtually any source – from print management software to Microsoft Excel, XML, and CSV right through to data warehouse and even web-based information – CompleteView will gather these data sources and make them work together for you.


An easy-to-use search function, intuitive user interface and associative data relationships means your data can be explored to create valuable insights with only a few mouse clicks. Instant answers are available to your print-related questions, even with very large data sets. What’s more, you can explore data knowing only associated facts.

Imagine a departmental manager contacting you having being told by staff members they’re unhappy with their printers, with limited information about the make, model, or serial number. That’s no longer a problem; with CompleteView® you can easily identify all devices within a specified department, provide feedback on performance as well as a historical account of their usage and associated costs. Furthermore, having identified a problem, you can quickly benchmark these details against other similar devices in your fleet, to see if there is a wider issue.


Your information is displayed on-screen in a simple graphical format that promotes ease of understanding, even when using mobile devices. Unlike some lightweight applications, you can easily drill down into details with a simple click and drag (or touch and swipe!) There’s no lengthy learning curve, just instant access and data analysis at the speed of thought.


CompleteView will protect your data using security standards specifically designed to safeguard an almost limitless number of records and users. You control which user will see which data, metrics, and results. Administrators can enforce group, role-based and individual user policies relating to individual documents.
A REAL solution delivering you REAL benefits

With its easy-to-use and intuitive graphical interface, you can manipulate data to deliver the precise information you need. including information on device usage patterns and deviations from standard market benchmarks (based on primary data collected by NewField IT over many years), identify financial data, cost savings achievement and it provides an easy way to apportion costs fairly between different groups of users.