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Embrace Digital Transformation

Advanced UK recognised years ago that companies are looking beyond just a print solution and therefore our managed services incorporates technology, service and software all under one managed service contract. We also understand the importance of leveraging alliance partners that can lift our proposition to different levels to our competition and we firmly embrace digital transformation.


Managed Print Services

The reality is that there more to MPS than just remote meter reads, break fix and consumables replenishment. However for many companies providing MPS that is exactly all they do, a solution that has been in existence for other 25 years!!

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Document Managment & Reliability Solutions

To provide a comfortable and affordable printing and mailing service, we use Xerox’s Hybrid Mail Service. With the cost-effective service, you can create, manage and print your company’s mail for a fraction of the cost that you might be spending today. To add, you will also see a significant increase in staff productivity and effectiveness.

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3D as a Service

3D printing is one of the most exciting and at the same time most challenging technologies for companies to use. Advanced do sell the physical technology but have recognised that in most cases it is more beneficial to outsource to a 3D printing service.

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FM Repro & Mailroom

Advanced appreciate that quite often printing large volumes of documents across multiple devices may be better solved with having a centralised print service bureau onsite. If you make this decision, then it seems sensible to integrate the mailroom into the same service delivery.

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Document Storage & Lifecycle Management

Advanced appreciate that all companies are focused on seeking process improvement and the desire to focus on core business activities. The shift to outsourced services is helping companies realise potential benefits.

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GDPR & Cyber Assessment

On the 25th of May 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force. The most immediate consequences of these EU regulations are that the document management systems for businesses, and especially HR, IT, and Finance departments, must have robust data protection mechanisms, as well as internal data monitoring and reporting systems.

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Online Store

At Advanced UK we take a unique approach to helping companies reduce spend on their office supplies by using our online service.

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Columbus Discovery

Advanced Columbus is our discovery approach to take a holistic view of how companies work with documents and their impact on both internal and external processes. Our areas of focus include us understanding the physical environment and infrastructure with the knowledge shared by talking to key document and process stakeholders and mapping out the current flow of information.

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Selling and integrating market leading software specific to defined requirements of a printing and document workflow environment. Providing expert and timely technical software support to ensure uninterrupted productivity.

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Office Refit

Presenting a user-friendly graphic interface for visualisation of data, data analysis and real-time data modelling for fully informed decision making and shorter time to revenue.

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Shredding Services

Shredding all of the documentation your business produces in-house is a time-consuming nightmare. Our flexible shredding service guarantees confidential destruction of almost any material, from paper documents to old uniforms, film, hard drives and even computers. No matter what form your sensitive data is in, we can ensure it is kept confidential until it is destroyed.

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Translation as a service

Xerox Easy Translator Service delivers the balance of speed and translation quality you require to produce documents for your target audience in their native language. Leveraging Xerox ConnectKey Technology platform, the service provides instant and secure draft translation by scanning a hardcopy document using your Xerox MFP. Want to share your content with your global audience?

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