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Increasing digitisation and disruptive competition

As digitisation is increasing, new disruptive competitors using new innovative business models means complacency is not an option as companies push towards a new era of services delivery in a service level economy.

Industry challenges

  • The vast increase in client’s expectations and at the same time a higher expectation on more value, higher quality of work with quicker turnaround times.
  • What was acceptable a few years ago with hours and days to turn round client work and readiness for information is now expected in real time.
  • Organisations culture and technology not at a realistic level to achieve clients growing expectation.
  • Clients demanding more transparency and accountability of their work
  • Firms are identifying and successfully implementing ideas for new revenue and profit and stretching resource outside their core activities.
  • A need to focus on client loyalty to help differentiate between traditional competitors plus the growing disruptive competitors with new business models.
  • Growing regulation and new compliance challenges like PSD11 and GDPR
  • Uncertainty in global markets and Brexit impact are still unclear.
  • A desire to increase revenue and gross margin
  • Trying to deal with flexible working initiatives and looking for on-demand resource opportunities
  • Identifying new technology to embrace like AI & machine learning
  • Document and print challenges

Security and data protection

  • Managing billable work and providing comprehensive detail back to clients
  • Working with large and complex client files with both paper and digital content
  • Having a reliable system for finding information in real time for clients
  • Knowledge sharing across mobile workers
  • Producing high-quality consultancy documents with real-time data
  • Managing peak times like tax year end, property completions and court hearing packs

So how can Advanced help?

  • Our broad technology and services suite enables us to have different conversations than our competitors
  • We will help you identify and implement digital alternatives
  • We will support you with the move to use less paper and where possible paperless
  • We can look to set personalised workflows to help you address the cost to serve
  • Provide you with significant support in driving data security initiatives that could involve software solutions or pure consultancy
  • Support for integration projects into other back-end systems
  • Even a unique video advisory solution that gives a real audit trail of all captured voice and data customer interaction with real-time signature approval.

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