Education Technology Solutions

It’s the future of work!

PROUD OF OUR HERITAGE – Since 1991, Advanced UK has built its reputation as a technology leader. Starting out as one of the four trusted Xerox Platinum Partners, our clients recognise us for our ability to identify and deliver the best managed-print service, production printing, and digital transformation solutions.

As we’ve grown, we’ve embraced new technologies. We work in collaboration with leading vendors and software providers to further enhance our value proposition while operating with a vendor-neutral approach.

WORKING WITH THE BEST – We understand the requirements of the education sector, and our ethos is to bring the best solutions to your entire team, whether it’s for your teaching staff, facilities management, finance, administration, legal, H.R. or Information Technology departments.

With our clients including such prestigious names as the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom, CBRE, Manpower, Ipsen Pharmaceuticals and many others, you will appreciate that we are far more than your print provider: we’re a technology leader.

Serving the education sector for 28 years


We have an extensive portfolio of clients across the education sector, whether it be for our provision of print, document management software, office consumables, or our specialist GDPR and Data Protection Officer services.


Support is paramount, and with our multi-brand service capability incorporating more than 500 UK-based engineers, we’ve got you covered. We’re exceptionally proud of our internal IT MPDS helpdesk too, which started 2019 with a remarkable 30% of all technical issues fixed within 10 minutes..

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Xerox™ ConnectKeyLeverage your technology investments


Imagine a single office device to collaborate, grade, translate, share, and convert documents. Imagine that power integrated with your LMS and MS-SharePoint too!

With the ConnectKey ecosystem, your Xerox printers become interactive digital workplace assistants to ease the workload of both teaching and administrative staff.


According to an IDC survey, 23% of education staff in the U.S. cite “course material compilation” as among the most inefficient processes. With an app on your Xerox ConnectKey printer, you can scan hard-copy course materials directly to a course folder.

Save time and money: connect, scan and share!


With GDPR has come the realisation that data protection is an organisational imperative. Now you can have an app for secure email or digital signatures, or simply manage the attendance of staff and students. The possibilities are endless.

A full suite of education apps!

  • Integrated support for multiple LMS systems (Blackboard, Moodle, Canvas)
  • Help visually impaired students by converting scanned documents to MP3 audio.
  • For ESL students, translate any document to 35 languages on-the-fly.
  • Improve oversight by checking essays for plagiarism and grammar with the ProofReader app.
  • Easy integration with your financial systems for instant expenses management.
  • Easy integration with your HR systems for fool proof time-sheet management.

Print managementusing the cloud to reduce costs

Uniprint ePrint

A revolution within schools and universities, ePrint enables users to print from anywhere to anywhere.

Students and staff can print from any web-enabled device to their closest print location. They simply select their payment preferences, since it’s a self-service, fully managed system available 24/7 – just what students require.

So-called campus printing to print kiosks benefits the students, while your institution gets to eliminate printer fleets. This service can become a revenue generator too!

Uniprint Infinity

The world’s first truly secure enterprise printing solution: total transformation of the cost and security of printing.

Eliminate your print servers and save expenses! Infinity replaces all printer drivers with a single universal Printer Driver (UPD) to compress network traffic and deliver total security.
If your IT budgets are under pressure, and there’s appeal in reducing admin time and spend on unnecessary print servers, then this is the solution.

Compleat Software

iCompleat automates the entire accounts payable process, capturing purchase order invoice and streamlining approvals, all in one application.

The essence is Budget Holder Management, which enables both your finance and budget holders to manage the organisation’s spend and cash requirements ‘live’, with consolidated real-time reporting and analytics too. Best of all, it’s fully integrated with the major financial & ERP applications. Plug and play.

The risk of phishing attacks on educational institutions of every size is increasing because the hackers see the 100’s of buyers, and 1,000’s of invoices. The key defence is robust purchase order and invoice management. It’s called purchase-to-pay, and it streamlines your entire process.

Ultimate affordability!

From just £8 per month per user, including a comprehensive mobile application, it’s never been easier to combine digital transformation with financial oversight.


99.999% accuracy for the automated processing of digital or paper invoices.


Fully automated coding and approval of invoices via customisable workflows.

Reduced Risk

Reduced risk of internal and external fraud through comprehensive checks.


Assess accurate accrual information by capturing your financial liability at the point an invoice is received.

Digital transformationdo more with fewer resources

When knowledge workers no longer need to perform manual data entry, routing and archiving of documents, they can focus on work that drives innovation and profit.

Across education, there are many critical processes which are best automated. Examples include student intakes, staff on-boarding, safeguarding, record keeping, data protection etc. With diminishing resources, one of the top solutions is to utilise DocuWare™ to integrate with your LMS and simultaneously eliminate both paper and manual data entry.

The York College example

  • Implemented a DMS for all aspects of HR, finance, and student records.
  • Enables self-serve access to student records and class notes held in 3rd party student records system.
  • Eliminating paper from the education process is great for the environment and the budget!

Once we moved our documents into DocuWare, we had a massive reduction in our physical document storage requirements which made our move and continued residence in our new campus work brilliantly. The storage and retrieval of documents is so painless and has really streamlined our workflow.

Azhar Iqbal, ITSS Manager,
York College


Drive efficiency

Build configurable, ad-hoc workflows for smarter work environments and increase capacity with document management capabilities.

Remove risk

Implement rules, logic and standards that secure and enhance control over business-critical information for rapid, focused response.

Reduce costs

Go beyond the bottom-line: drive performance through innovative work which contributes to improved service delivery.

Fastest to deploy

DocuWare is fully cloud-based, and it’s up and running within days: charge your operational vs. your capital budget!

Bespoke serviceshelping leaders in education to succeed

DPO as a Serviceour proven global experience

The complexity of compliance with GDPR and the Data Protection Act 2018 is only now starting to dawn on educators. Consider our experienced outsourced Data Protection Officer team to guide your organisation.

Our global experience with both school trusts, and global charities for children and those with disabilities. delivers superior service while being considerably less costly than in-house resource.

The team serve as specialist advisors to law firms too, ensuring your data sharing agreements, and other critical documentation, is up-to-date. Your data protection team will benefit from our support throughout the year.

Advanced ‘Columbus’ Programyour route to finding savings

Our Columbus program is a unique consultancy service which identifies your digital transformation opportunities from the standpoint of cost reduction and process automation.

Developed by Advanced UK and operated in partnership with RivaNET Limited, we can service your entire technology infrastructure, deliver comprehensive IT support services, and manage your cyber security – all backed by experience which has been chosen by our nation’s most prestigious schools and colleges.

Indeed, we are so confident that we can unveil your savings, that we can undertake the consultancy free of charge!

Outsourced Staffing ServicesAdded resources ‘on demand’

Struggling for resources? Can’t fund the projects your governors have earmarked because you’re drowning in fees for ‘back-office’ and administrative functions? Paying a fortune for software developers? Speak to Advanced-UK about our outsourced staffing services and save up to 40% vs. in-house direct employment.

We know how difficult it is to recruit, equip, train and support staff for contact centres, help desks, and even ancillary support staff across such departments as HR and student services, and we can help you solve these headaches.

With short-term contracts of just three months in duration, you can transform your internal head-count and realise massive cost reductions. You will be amazed at the possibilities!