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Public and organisations demand more scrutiny

Advanced appreciate that in this sector all monies saved can be spent on the charity beneficiaries. We also know that generally the public confidence in this sector is at a fairly low ebb, mainly due to some high profile reputation shredding stories in the last couple of years. The public and organisations are now more sceptical and demand more scrutiny and transparency on how charities work.

Lots of concern re safeguarding
Greater prominence of finance professionals in senior strategic positions
The data of vulnerable individuals is a massive issue and ongoing commitment under GDPR to improve. Recruitment of qualified data protection officers to help.
Digital world is both a challenge and a huge opportunity to improve in lots of areas.
Being transparent on how monies are managed and distributed
Harder to seek funding with growing economic pressure and uncertainty reducing centrally funded monies
Adoption to the new charity governance code
Managing any change within this sector can be a real challenge

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