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Understanding your challenges by delivering efficient, effective print and document solutions

While Advanced UK has an extensive reach across multiple sectors, there are specific industries in which we offer specific differentiators based on either operational, solution or commercially capability.

We focus on the bigger picture, helping companies refine their print & document strategy: through digital alternatives, our clients may reduce their printing and migrate to a paperless environment.

Professional Services

As digitisation is increasing, new disruptive competitors using new innovative business models, mean complacency is not an option. Companies must push towards a new era of services…

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Efficiencies in he logistics sector have been frustrated by a total dependency upon manual and paper-driven processes which are unsuited to a fast-paced operational environment. Now the industry awakened to demands to automate mobile…

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The ever-changing pressure of the retail sector, and growing demand in store for customer experience, is pushing retail to look into new digital transformation technologies. Operational requirements in store to make any solutions as simple to use and quick and easy enables frontline staff to focus on the customer in the store. Advanced UK realises the pressure with the retail stores and is working with our clients with mobility solutions and digital alternatives.

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Care Homes & Charities

Advanced appreciate that in this sector all monies saved can be spent on the charity beneficiaries. We also know that generally the public confidence in this sector is at a fairly low ebb, mainly due to some high profile reputation shredding stories in the last couple of years. The public and organisations are now more sceptical and demand more scrutiny and transparency on how charities work.

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Construction & Housing Association

Advanced UK understands that this sector has growing needs to unite all documents and information together into one shared and up to date version that is trusted for all parties associated with the project. Pressures on reduced build time, more complex projects and ongoing asset management using 2D, 3D, augmented & virtual reality are all playing to the technology advancements to drive change. Operationally, we understand the technical challenge to embrace mobile workers from both your organisation plus JVs, sub-contractors and supply chain partners. Advanced UK has a robust ecosystem of alliance partners in this area to strengthen our proposition.

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Digital Agency / Marketing

We know that the largest challenge within this sector is the ability to manage client expectations and keeping up with trends in an ever changing industry. Also fair to say that every business already may think that there product, solution or service is the best. We have understand that winning & retaining clients has been made more challenging with the explosion of digital PR.

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