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Manage highly effective marketing campaigns

XMPie, the leading provider of software for cross media and variable data one-to-one marketing. The portfolio of solutions enables businesses to create and manage highly effective direct marketing and cross-media campaigns.

It’s all about communication!

Customer Communication Management (CCM) is an essential component for the modern printer, and XMPie® is the leading technology. The goal is to engage audiences with personalised & relevant communications across print & digital media touchpoints.

It’s all about integrating the worlds of publishing and marketing, providing more value-services to print providers, and better measurement and ROI reporting capabilities to marketing executives.

… vary character styles,images, text, and colours!

Personalisation is achieved via Variable Data Printing (VDP), now transformed with XMPie because you can deliver more complex, data-driven and tailored documents in smaller volumes and on-demand. Vary character styles, images, text, and colours!

The result is VDP software which marries design with rules and data-driven content for the creation of highly flexible documents.

XMPie® StoreFlow

Create a convenient online web-to-pack experience and customise and deliver short-run branded labels or event-driven / seasonal packaging.

XMPie® Circle

A unique omnichannel communications solution which simultaneously generates materials for POS, direct mail, and digital marketing, while combining marketing automation workflow together with individualised content.

XMPie® Digital Signature

Add fully automated electronic signature workflows to your omnichannel communications with XMPie’s award-winning Adobe Sign integration! Output personalised signature-ready PDFs or automate the entire process across your campaign.

Why XMPie?

  • XMPie continues to the lead the way in Customer Communications Management (CCM) with a commitment to product innovation, performance and service.
  • Our technology seamlessly connects to databases to generate personalized multichannel campaigns perfectly synchronized across all channels and touchpoints.
  • Together with key functionalities such as analytics, campaign management, automation, and more, XMPie solutions can deliver campaigns that bring about exceptional results.
  • As the CCM market continues to move forward from print alone to digital, mobile and multichannel, customers can be assured that their investment in XMPie will continue to serve the market as it shifts.

Complete XMPie Product Line Brochure

With a strong tradition of innovation and expertise, XMPie focuses on helping service providers stay ahead of the curve in the constantly evolving world of print and digital communications.

The question is not whether to adopt variable cross-media as a strategy, it is how to best implement it cost effectively to expand your reach, bring relevancy to marketing and deliver increased results.

PersonalEffect StoreFlow Brochure

Welcome to PersonalEffect StoreFlow. Offer a flawless online shopping experience and high-value services, all from a single eCommerce platform. Now with uStore NG Technology, you can speed up storefront launch times, tailor storefronts entirely to each brand’s unique requirements, offer advanced personalization and even full omnichannel campaigns from a storefront, or extend your platform by integrating with third-party solutions.

XMPie Email Service (XES) Brochure

Deliver, track and analyze targeted email messages with XMPie Email Service. A scalable and commercial-grade email platform to enhance your multichannel communications, at an affordable price.

VDP Solutions Product Comparison Brochure

Which XMPie print solution is right for you? Get answers to your FAQs about our Variable Data Print solutions in this brochure.

Data Driven Print and VDP Solutions Brochure

By taking a personalized approach to your printed communications, you can greatly improve your response rates. Read about XMPie’s Variable Data Print (VDP) solutions and discover how – no matter what your print volumes are – XMPie can help you leverage your data to deliver targeted messages that speak to each recipient’s needs and interests. From uDirect to PersonalEffect Print to Enterprise Print, all XMPie software solutions leverage the industry-standard Adobe® platform for limitless creativity and flexibility.

PersonalEffect Turn-key Systems Brochure

XMPie® PersonalEffect Turn-key Systems are out-of-the-box solutions that include all the tools necessary to accommodate the business needs most common to service providers. So whether you want to achieve individualized communications through high-volume, variable data print (VDP), automated Web-to-print sites or integrated cross media publishing – XMPie has a pre-packaged solution for you!

Multichannel Cross-Media Communications Solutions Brochure

Deliver eye-catching campaigns by combining personalized print, email and landing pages that can bring incredible results. Learn about the different touch points that you can mix and match to create powerful, individualized communications that engage people in a conversation by leveraging multiple channels. XMPie delivers robust, growth-oriented cross-media solutions designed for organizations at every stage – for those new to cross-media and experts alike.