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Unstoppable productivity wherever work happens

Work will never be the same again. In fact, it’ll be better than ever.

Finally, there’s workflow for everyone in every office, all without the high costs and complexities. Whether it’s on a mobile device, laptop or your office multifunctional printer, using Workflow Central is intuitive and simple. Regardless of device or location, you can access the tools you need with secure, ‘always-on’ 24/7 access. While a Xerox ConnectKey printer offers the best user experience, you can use Xerox Workflow Central with the devices you already have.

Seven components all able to work together is seamless, automated harmony

Xerox Convert to Audio

1. Xerox Convert to Audio

Time is precious and if you never have enough hours in the day, why not convert documents into audio files so you can listen wherever, whenever. Suddenly, commuting can be productive! Whether you want to review a contract, listen to a magazine article, or even hear your training course while you’re at the gym, this a fantastic productivity tool.

Xerox Convert to Office365

2. Xerox Convert to Office365

Imagine being able to convert PDFs, printed documents, and images into fully editable MS Office documents. Instantly. Too much time is wasted trying to recreate and convert document types into the format you require, and now you can be productive without needing a raft of different applications, saving you money too! most.

Xerox Convert Handwriting to Text

3. Xerox Convert Handwriting to Text

The ultimate time-saver, Xerox Notes Converter represents a massive advancement in handwriting recognition. It works! Convert your notes from whiteboards or paper documents on-the-fly! You will be amazed at how it copes with cursive script, and you’ll appreciate the total ease of use.

Xerox Workflow Central

4. Xerox Document Summarise

Upload or scan a document, even many pages long, and have the Summarise App distil it in seconds. Now you can read the key points and move onto the next task in your day. Perfect for anyone in business who’s bombarded with information and needs to keep up with the information overload.

Xerox Document Redact

5. Xerox Document Redact

Make the protection of personal data for GDPR compliance safer and protect your organisation’s confidential documents too with automated redaction. The Xerox redaction app uses artificial intelligence (AI) to identify set words or phrases automatically, and it works on multi-page documents. No HR team, contracts manager, or law firm should be without this app!

Xerox Document Translate

6. Xerox Document Translate

The ‘must have’ tool for helping foreign employees or clients, the incredible document translation app produces near-flawless text across more than 40 languages, including Arabic, Chinese, and the Slavic languages. Far superior to the online translators, this even preserves the original document formatting, even in PowerPoint files and PDFs.

Xerox Document Merge

7. Xerox Document Merge

This incredible document merge app enables you to combine up to five files into one. Don’t let different formats slow you down. Easily combine two or more Word, Excel, PowerPoint and existing PDFs into one, or insert one document into another.

Xerox Workflow Central

Xerox® Workflow Central platform,

Key Features

  • Adaptability that lets you be effective and productive anytime, anywhere. Seamlessly switch between locations, devices and formats.
  • Flexibility to meet process needs on the fly. Ensure documents are in the ideal format and ready for next steps.
  • Security that keeps content safe while working and sharing outside and inside the office infrastructure thanks to Microsoft Azure security intelligence.
  • Simple subscriptions that allow unlimited users in your organization to instantly access a library of workflow services on unlimited devices.

Try Xerox Workflow Central Today!

Remote and flexible work models demand the one-platform convenience and seamless productivity provided by the Xerox® Workflow Central platform, a cloud-based solution that takes the guesswork out of converting physical and digital files into usable formats. Workflow Central makes it easy to transform documents instantly from any device, including PCs, tablets, mobile devices and multifunction printers.

Ideal for on-the-go employees that work across a variety of devices and document types, Workflow Central solves everyday workflow challenges, such as translation, redaction, file conversion, and more.