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Automate Steps to Prepare Print Job

In a mature marketplace operation, efficiency is a must for long term success. Companies are looking for ways to do more with less. This is where FreeFlow® Core comes into the picture: it automates the process steps required to prepare a job for print. Core’s flexibility and scalability, including on-premise and cloud configurations, means there is an automation solution for any size print shop.

Workflow software has never been this strong—or this simple—until now. This browser-based or on-premise solution intelligently automates and integrates the processing of print jobs, from file preparation to final production, for a touchless workflow that operates easily, adapts effortlessly, scales quickly and delivers consistently.

Automation is no longer just for big guys. Whether your organisation is 3 or 300 people, FreeFlow Core offers a highly productive workflow solution. Multiple product configurations and attractive price points mean even small- to medium-sized organisations now have automation within reach. And no matter how many print engines you have, there is never an additional charge.

Key Features – FreeFlow Core on-premise

  • Modular architecture – FreeFlow Core includes the base software and also two optional modules, Advanced Prepress and Advanced Automation.
  • Browser-based – This solution runs in standard browsers. This greatly simplifies software installation and management.
  • Manifest job processing – Submit a list or manifest of jobs to be printed and FreeFlow® Core will process and print each job automatically.
  • Job clustering / batching – Intelligent job management enables value beyond the printer by organising similar jobs for optimal post-press processing.
  • JDF/JMF – Full JDF/JMF compliance means a seamless integration with other systems that implement this industry standard for communication.

Key Features – FreeFlow Core cloud

  • Configurations – The cloud version of Core is available in two configurations: base cloud and advanced cloud.
  • Browser-based – This solution runs in standard browsers. This greatly simplifies software installation and management.
  • Base Cloud – Includes preflight, image enhancement, imposition, and print.
  • Advanced Cloud – Includes Core base software, advanced prepress module, and advanced automation module.
  • Subscription – Core cloud is enabled with an annual subscription to provide maximum flexibility.

Key Challenges

  • Keeping cost down – The print marketplace is as competitive as ever, and price pressure continues to rise.
  • Delivering quality – Customers’ expectations continue to rise with respect to the quality of their print products.
  • Quicker turnaround times – Customers expect most things to be done in a few days, not a few weeks.
  • Smaller run lengths – As jobs get smaller, inefficiencies in your print process become exposed.
  • More small jobs – With smaller run lengths, you need to push more jobs through your shop.
  • Multiple systems – Your workflow has evolved over time. It can be difficult to introduce a new system.
  • Operator skillset – As solutions become more complex, do you have the resources to properly run a new solution?

FreeFlow Core Integrations

The Xerox Integrated Plus Finishing Solution

With inline, offline, and dual mode flexibility, you can take your jobs from input to finished output with virtually no operator involvement. Xerox® FreeFlow Core software powers this solution by automating file preparation and programming.

The entire process from job input to finished product can be completed without operator intervention.


Integrate with XMPie®™ Personal Effect®, StoreFlow™, StoreFlow Cloud, and automated Web-to-Print solutions. This combines the strength of StoreFlow’s end user e-commerce experience with the power of FreeFlow Core’s document workflow management to deliver a storefront solution unrivaled in its depth and feature set.

XMPie PersonalEffect StoreFlow is a Web-to-Print software solution that creates and manages online stores and marketing portals with simple personalisation. This solution now comes bundled with FreeFlow Core to provide built-in prepress automation, giving you two world-class solutions in one box.

FreeFlow Digital Publisher

FreeFlow Digital Publisher brings value beyond digital print: start automating your print manufacturing

processes today and set the groundwork for multichannel communications tomorrow. Digital Publisher lets you take the content you already print today and deliver it to a broader audience electronically—to add value, automatically.

This e-publishing solution makes creating rich content for electronic presentation fast and easy across a variety of formats and devices. The best part is that it’s all enabled by FreeFlow Core, so you can create unified workflows for print and electronic documents at the same time.