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Faxing Anywhere, Anytime, and from Any Device! In today’s increasingly connected mobile workplace, XMediusFAX® solutions provide users a simple means to fax from a wide spectrum of interfaces (i.e. desktop email clients, MFPs, mobile devices, etc.) while leveraging powerful web-optimized reporting tools with guaranteed performance


XMediusFAX®’s software based on-premise fax server solutions are optimized to efficiently address the global VoIP migration trend, deliver enhanced productivity, streamline operations, and lower total cost of owner-ship (TCO).

These solutions address diverse fax deployment needs, including stringent regulatory requirements, evolving infrastructure strategies (i.e., UC, ECM, ‘branch’ optimization), flexible application integration (ERP / CRM), and the adoption of more economical, efficiency enhancing technologies (i.e., FoIP, virtualization, SIP trunking). Also with the help of an XMediusFAX® Xerox EIP connector, the fax solution seamlessly integrates with EIP compatible Xerox MFPs to offer advanced faxing features that enhance organization-wide productivity.


  • Experience huge cost savings and rapid ROI with XMediusFAX® solutions, because employee efficiency is drastically improved when manual faxing is taken out of the picture.
  • Make the move towards consolidation of redundant resources. With basic faxing available directly from Xerox MFPs, eliminate legacy fax machines and fax boards as well. Access advanced faxing features with the XMediusFAX® Xerox EIP connector.

Activity traceability and tracking support is provided via comprehensive document and user activity tracking with full monitoring, reporting, and audit trail capabilities make tracking easy.