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The Kno2 Connected™ Xerox® Healthcare Multifunction Printer (MFP) Solution is an innovative printer solution specifically engineered for healthcare. Composed of an MFP, the Xerox® Share Patient Information App and Kno2 connection, it connects with EHR systems which allows you to securely share and store patient information digitally and appropriately coordinate care to reduce costs and improve your patient experience.

Share and Store Patient Information Digitally

Key Features

Scan, copy, print and fax. Everything you expect from an MFP is included, but better. And that’s not all you get with the Xerox® Healthcare MFP.

  • Sharepatient information in a secure and efficient manner with Kno2 Fax for Healthcare and the Xerox® Share Patient Information App.
  • Exchange data securelyin a variety of manners to meet your needs with Kno2’s interoperability services, including the use of direct addressing.
  • Scanfiles to 100’s of EHR systems, right from the Xerox MFP.
  • Select recipientsfrom the SureScripts National Directory of healthcare providers.
  • Transformpaper into instantly usable, relevant and structured clinical documentation.