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Xerox® Quick Link App: What if you could connect your devices to a printer without calling IT? You can, with the Quick Link App. Simply open the ConnectKey app on the printer and select the device you wish to connect. This registers your phones and laptops so you can send jobs to that printer from anywhere! Click, connect, and print – from anywhere, whenever you want!

Quickly connects your peripheral devices to your printer so you can print with ease.

Easy to connect.
Fast to print.

With the Xerox® Quick Link App on your Xerox® ConnectKey® Technology-enabled devices, you can quickly connect to your laptop, desktop computer or mobile device through a simple email or QR code scan.

36,500,000 search results appear on Google for “printer driver installation issues.” The Xerox® Quick Link App helps eliminate the headaches.

An easier connection from computer to printer — no confusion or complicated setup.

Historically, connecting your device to a printer meant a call to IT.
Today, connecting is simple with the Xerox® Quick Link App. It allows anyone to quickly print from any Xerox® ConnectKey® Technology-enabled device in just three easy steps.

Traditional PrinterSetup

Print from mobile devices, without calling IT.

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Eliminate the time-consuming guesswork from connecting your smartphone or tablet to a printer with the Xerox® Quick Link App. It makes entering the modern age of remote printing a breeze.

Open the app on the printer’s UI and select “Mobile.”

Use the Xerox® Print Portal App to scan the QR code and connect your mobile device to the printer*.

Start printing, hassle-free.