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Perfect for the world of education, and applicable equally across the fields of marketing, legal, and business communications where the accuracy of text is critical: You can now scan paper documents – or upload digital copies – and check for spelling, grammar, style, and plagiarism with just one touch at your MFD. Saving teachers and other professionals time so they can concentrate on their core activities.

Instant access to a powerful tool to ensure accuracy and originality

With Xerox Proofreader Service App on your workplace assistant, you can instantly check for spelling, grammar, syntax and even plagiarism, right from your ConnectKey® Technology-enabled multifunction printer. According to the Enterprise Application Market Higher Education report, 25% of essays submitted by students in higher education are still printed and submitted on paper.

Focus on content, not corrections

Teachers and students alike can save time and get more accurate results when working with both hardcopy and electronic formats. Scan your documents directly from the device, or upload to the Xerox Proofreader Service Portal.

Get the basics out of the way before you even start to grade

With the Xerox Proofreader Service, you can focus on content while our service takes care of the rest. Scan hardcopy documents directly to the service through the MFP for instant results, or upload electronic documents to the online portal from any device. Suggested corrections and source citing can be printed instantly or retrieved from the online service.