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A revolution in office convenience: print directly to your Xerox® multifunction printer from any mobile device! Now visitors and employees on the go can print directly to your Xerox® ConnectKey® technology enabled printer or multifunction printer (MFP) with no software or app download.


@PrintByXerox is a free service that allows secure printing from any email-enabled devices (computer, phone, tablet, iOS, Android™, Google® Chromebook™ and more) to a Xerox® printer or MFP using a single email address with no IT intervention. No training is needed.

End-users simply send attachments to the email address, and release them at the MFP panel.

  • Works with any email-enabled device
  • No IT required. No network agents. No software or app download to the mobile device. Just send to
  • Easy-to-understand email workflow
  • Accurate rendering of Microsoft® Office files, PDF, JPEG, etc.