Xerox™ ConnectKey® CapturePoint MPS

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The Xerox business app library transforms your printer into a digital assistant

Xerox™ ConnectKey® CapturePoint MPS

Converting documents is made easy with CapturePoint MPS: simply install the app and everyone in the office can benefit immediately. No wonder this is so popular with solicitors, marketers, and finance professionals alike.

CapturePoint MPS eliminates the need for fax lines and fax servers, and because it’s loaded with time-saving features, it means you don’t need stand-alone scanners either, just install it on your Xerox multifunctional printer!


The CapturePoint MPS app saves your organisation time and money. It converts data from paper, fax or scan directly to the most popular business programs, including MS Word, Excel and searchable PDF formats.

It’s supremely easy to setup and deploy, as it’s loaded onto your Xerox multifunctional printer (MFP). Even more remarkable, you gain the capability to and send or receive faxes without a physical phone line on the device.

Document conversion so easy with its smart-phone style app, users can be productive on their first try.

The ConnectKey® Revolution

No other printer manufacturer has done more to revolutionise the workplace than Xerox. Think of the ConnectKey ecosystem as a library of business apps like those on your smart phone: each has a specific function, but these apps are totally driven by business needs.

Use ConnectKey apps to translate, convert, redact, secure, and share your documents. In fact, with more than 100 apps to choose from, you’ll soon be wondering how you managed your workday without.

CapturePoint MPS Overview

There’s even an app to complete your expense reports automatically, and another which will encrypt your documents for email transmission.

You’ll see even more benefits when you tap into the power of the entire app library, or you can boost everything by integrating your systems with Xerox DocuShare Flex.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Advanced UK are certified Xerox App Developers, and we welcome any enquiries to create your bespoke application!

Time: Our Most Valuable Commodity

The Xerox CapturePoint MPS App scans and converts documents so they can be opened within a multitude of business applications ready-to-use.

No matter what your profession, you’ve spent time re-typing data from a hard-copy format. It’s tedious and expensive. With this app, everyone in the office has instant access to a valuable utility, which is so easy to use – and secure too – that they can be productive immediately.

If you’re investing in a document management application, this app can even enables users to scan directly into Xerox DocuShare Flex workflows for the ultimate ease of use.

We believe the use of such apps is an essential component of good business continuity planning, as you reduce or even eliminate costly error-prone workflows and processes which create risk for your organisation.

Advanced Anniversary 30 Years

Trusted Xerox Platinum Partner

Advanced UK is one of four trusted Xerox Platinum Partners and established for over a quarter of a century (since 1991). We pride ourselves with focusing on reliable customer service, entwined with the ability to identify and deliver the best managed-print service, production printing and digital transformation solutions for our clients’ every need. We also work in collaboration with leading technology and software providers to further enhance our value proposition and operate with a vendor-neutral approach.

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