Xerox Connect for DocuSign

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Sign up for faster paper processes. Your paper processes can work smarter. With this app, you can easily scan to and print from your DocuSign account without the extra step of using a computer or mobile device. Saving crucial time. And keeping your business moving forward.


According to Forbes, 70-80% improvement in efficiency is achieved by replacing manual processes with electronic signature solutions.

Streamline your approach to DocuSign!

This app is an essential supplement to DocuSign. Print documents from DocuSign for distribution and archiving. Scan and save as a draft or send to recipients with redefined DocuSign templates. Or create new envelopes – complete with recipients and signature fields – right at your multifunction device.

Get essential documents in front of the people who need them faster and with less hassle. This app brings the speed and convenience of the digital world to paper documents. So you can spend more time working on what matters.