Xerox Connect Apps for Cloud Storage

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Storing, filing and sharing hard copy documents to the Cloud application of your choice has always been a time consuming and awkward process. Now you can scan directly to your cloud app directly from your MFD or mobile device – even designating the subfolder, and all with single sign-on! Just as easily, you can navigate to a document in the Cloud and print it! It’s never been easier.

Connectors for Box™, Dropbox™, Google Drive™, Microsoft™ OneDrive®, Microsoft™ Office365® , Evernote™, OptimiDoc Cloud, and others too, Xerox Connect Apps for Cloud Storage represent a breakthrough in simplicity.

You can use this app series to easily print from or scan to an individual or shared Cloud accounts. As more organisations and workers are leveraging the convenience of cloud storage services, this app makes it easier to digitize documents, collaborate and work on the go. This connector supports single sign on authentication when using a supported authentication solution.