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Virtual business meetings

SuiteBox is an in-person virtual business meeting tool that enables documents to be signed real-time and creates an automatic audit trail of all meeting interactions.

This is unique, and it fulfils a market missed by Skype, Apple FaceTime, Google Hangouts, DocuSign, and WebEx: deliver virtual meetings across the financial and legal worlds, while ensuring legal identity authentication via real-time digital signatures and video.

All signatures are bound by digital certificates and also contain a picture of the signer at the time the document is being signed. The ability to capture real-time signatures to close business transactions has been a long sought-after tool since the advent of e-commerce activities.

About SuiteBox

SuiteBox was created in 2013 and it is a solution that harnesses the power of video conferencing. This comes with the ability to share and digitally sign a document in a private, virtual room. Financial advisors use SuiteBox’s solution worldwide as an alternative to physical meetings and so saves time and money.

Introduction to SuiteBox

SuiteBox built a financial-grade communications and collaboration solution on Oracle Cloud technology that makes it possible for financial advisers to hold virtual meetings via connected devices, record all or part of their encounters, share and digitally sign electronic assets, and embed or white-label the interactions for any relationship management platform.

SuiteBox works on desktops, tablets and smartphones – and it’s friendly to Apple and Android

Are you Still having meetings in person?

Suitebox unique experience

The key to most brilliant ideas is simplicity. SuiteBox have mastered this concept

  • Use high definition video & audio to enable an in-person virtual meeting environment for up to 4 people.
  • Present ideas, share marketing collateral in a perfect collaborative process, then close the deal by having all parties required to sign the agreement: it’s digitally bound and certified.
  • Receive a video / audio of the meeting with an audit document appended to the meeting with date stamp & time, all including the video of signed proof of signature.