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OFFICE in a Box is the fresh approach to solving your office technology requirements as your business adapts to hybrid working. It’s designed for simplicity, control, and lowered costs, so you’ll quickly appreciate the business benefits.

SUPPLIES in a Box – Office supplies
DEVICE in a Box – Laptop computer
PRINTER in a Box – Print at your Service (PayS)
PHONE in a Box – Hosted phone service

From effective communications to the right computers for your new hybrid workforce, Office in a Box is the fresh approach to support your business. With the right tools at their fingertips, your staff can be happier and more productive than ever. And you save money!

SUPPLIES in a Box transforms your approach to office supplies purchasing. Access anything, from stationery to consumables, and have it delivered to home or office next business day.

Our centralised online purchasing system saves you time, gives you total control, and frees your working from home staff from the frustrations of not having the tools they require. Fulfil your duty of care to your remote workers by giving access to the essential equipment, such as swivel chairs and toner cartridges, but administer centrally to reduce costs, and enjoy streamlined discounts and single invoice accounting.

DEVICE in a Box ensures your staff have the quality laptops they need. It’s Device as a Service, DaaS, with top brands at 0% interest, no CapEx and total support included.

It the ultimate fully-managed service for your laptop computer needs, with all major brands available. With lifetime support, wherever your staff are based, this service minimises staff downtime, while ensuring they have the correct specification of device for the nature of their work. Our inclusive support plan then relieves your internal or subcontracted IT teams, saving you even more money!

PHONE in a Box is a hosted phone service that provides you with the equipment, call bundle, management portal and backup facilities you need to run your business successfully.

Office in a box differentiates itself by integrating it’s Microsoft Teams direct routing solution with the most stable and reliable voice communication platform, Cisco. This unique offering not only gives businesses access to advanced features, but the online portals that give you a complete overview of the office and remote workers whilst maintaining the customer experience.

PRINTER in a Box is our ground breaking launch of Print at your Service, (PayS). It’s everything you require to deliver full print access to all of your staff. Wherever they work.

All staff, office or remote, gain from quality desktop printing, while you gain from lower costs and freedom from IT support issues. Whether you have one or hundreds of devices, we keep you printing with fixed monthly costs. Select your preferred desktop printers and MFDs, deploy them where needed, and we take care of all of the delivery and support. Single invoicing makes it easy and affordable.