The #1 construction industry compliance and control toolbox for staffing

innDex is the unique construction industry staffing compliance and control toolbox designed by construction professionals for the construction industry. Controlling staffing data – at the site level – enables firms to enhance productivity, efficiency, security and productivity.

Data Management of your Workforce

You need data management of your key asset: your workforce – and the tool to achieve this has remained elusive. With innDex, you regain control, protect your staff and your organisation, while gaining value from your data-driven outputs.

Key Features at a glance

  • innDex is a platform for users to create online profiles to store details, documents and competencies for quick and efficient induction submissions.
  • Automatic verification of competencies / skills cards and personal ID.
  • Biometric access control and time management.
  • Real time resource tracking to aid in as-built programme.
  • Reports on KPIs, semi-automated daily diaries and options for further statistics.
  • Data driven and verified working history helping fight the battle of non-fluid workforces and industry wide transparency.

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innDex Brochure

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Digital on-boarding

innDex place an emphasis on data security and workforce validation to ensure GDPR compliant HSE best practise. Using any device, it’s perfect for site foremen to verify skills and competencies, administer project inductions, and comply with right to work. With centralised policies, all team leaders can be certain they’re not breaching working hours etc.

Access Security and Time Management

Biometrics replace paper sign-in sheets and access cards to deliver controlled access to sites and group access to specific areas of a site. This innDex module provides real-time tracking of workers and communicates relevant safety-critical data. It’s linked back to the on-boarding policies to protect both the employee and company from contractual breaches.

Familiarisation Videos and Presentations

As part of the site induction process, you can integrate videos or slideshows, and even subscribe to the innDex drone-flight service across your construction site to capture up-to-date footage for inducting and familiarising new staff with their next project. These familiarisation presentations boost productivity and remove ‘silo working’.

Key Performance Indicators

innDex administrator receive tailored reports from the data collected dependent on your company’s KPIs and needs. See site, project or company data for gender equality, diversity, ratio of first aiders, qualified supervisors, working hours data across the project and for specific sub-contractors and much more. Such reports alert to HSE breaches before they become reportable incidents.

Programme As-built Reports and Daily Diaries

Build or upload your construction programme, and assign nominated managers to update programme works while allocating resource and report changes in real time. By using these innDex tools, you can track outputs and performance both historically and for forward planning to better manage your entire supply chain.

Know our People

Every construction professional has experienced the difficulty of manually tracking the experience, capabilities and competencies of staff. The innDex ‘Know our People’ module digitises the process using data collected from the systems implemented on your site. See the big picture, live and without paper, and workforce management becomes a breeze.

Crossrail Case Study — Ilford Station

“We’ve been using innDex at Ilford Station over the past 6 months and the efficiencies have shown to be outstanding. All new personnel have submitted their required paperwork prior to attending site which means we are able to get the team out to work quicker.

The platform saves time for the users but also removes much of the administration (saving time and money) and securely stores the data to protect VolkerFitzpatrick as a business from breaches. The data is used to automate live dashboards which we will soon display on site and in the offices so all are aware of who is on site.

The team at innDex have been fantastic by the way they spend time at the project working to develop digital solutions to everyday tasks alongside the project team. The platform has the ability to keep growing and adding more and more value as it is developed. One prime example is the creation of an end to end ‘Close Call’ feature which allows operatives to report things on site, management to review, action and respond to the person raising the close call. This means increased transparency and improves communication across the site and team.”

Matthew Wilson
Senior Project Manager — VolkerFitzpatrick Ltd


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