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Smart Desk makes it easy for larger organisations to create safer workplaces

EtiQube Smart Desk Software

EtiQube’s ‘Smart Desk’ solves the difficulties for organisations to manage the combination of hybrid-working: with a single program, your staff can book their desk, parking, meeting rooms and even their meals – and the software applies your social distance rules!

It’s incredibly easy to use, and Advanced UK will customise it to match your facilities. It’s another example of how we deliver digital transformation.


Your obligations to the Health & Safety Executive are such that you must undertake all reasonable efforts to protect your employees and visitors. Being able to demonstrate how you manage the enforcement of your social distancing policy is a key component.

Advanced UK encourages you to consider how you combine your office sanitisation routine as part of this equation, and our experts are on hand to explore your unique requirements.

Create safer offices with an app for staff to book their socially distanced desks, meeting rooms, parking and even meals!

The Smart Desk® Revolution

With COVID-19, the way we use the modern office has probably changed forever: hot-desking, social-distancing, and co-working have become the new normal.

For many office workers, desks are not ‘owned’, but rather booked on demand. This matches the needs of hybrid workers, in the offices for fewer days each week.

EtiQube’s solution is elegant and easy to use. Based entirely on its clear graphical interface, you can book your desk, parking, meeting room and more, while the software enforces your company’s social distancing rules.

EtiQube Smart Desk Software

For example, with an existing desk cluster of for six, you might decide you don’t want anyone sitting adjacent to someone else. Easy! Not only will you save the time and expense of a receptionist, but you also gain a comprehensive audit log of who’s been in the sphere of their other colleagues.

Advanced UK will customise the application to suit your exact offices, so you have a fully personalised interface, making it a perfect extension of your digital transformation journey!

Smart Desk Key Features

You know that experienced developers have been busy, because everything works intuitively! That’s why Advanced UK have added Smart Desk to our leading range of office safety solutions.

  • Users can book desks etc. from the web portal;
  • Users can check the booking calendar and plan days or weeks in advance;
  • Use the system to manage entry and exit control;
  • Admins have the tools to get real-time booking updates;
  • Generate saturation and usage reports;
  • Explore the extensive corporate customisation options!
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