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Minimize printer security risks with best-in-class, user-centric print management capabilities

A simple print job can get complicated fast.  Users often don’t know which printer to choose, especially your increasingly mobile workforce.  Print driver updates put a strain on IT.  Printers may be offline or unavailable.  And when these challenges strike, work stops and calls to the help desk start, driving down productivity and driving up costs.

Printing Doesn’t Have to be Complicated!

Kofax Equitrac iQueue solves these common printing challenges that lead to frustrated users and an over-taxed IT staff.  One workflow for every printer.  Full control and measurement of all print activity.  All with or without print servers.  It’s really that simple.

Secure and Intelligent Print

Kofax Equitrac delivers the most powerful and flexible print management solution on the market. It can scale easily in any environment, from small businesses to large enterprises with multiple offices and a myriad of different print devices.  Kofax Equitrac’s superior security features help organizations close the printer security gap, while improving compliance.

According to research firm Quocirca, 63 percent of businesses surveyed admit to experiencing one or more print-related data breaches. As such, it’s imperative that businesses secure their printer networks as BYOD demands, regulatory pressures and the possibility of fines are heightened.

Kofax Equitrac delivers the most powerful and flexible print solution on the market.  It provides your organization with a wealth of unique features that minimize network security risks and the versatility needed to maximize print cost savings and impact your bottom line.  Its central print management system works across the most comprehensive range of MFP brands and models, business systems and mobile devices.

Kofax Equitrac integrates seamlessly with the Kofax ControlSuite platform; this enables businesses to transform their entire enterprise into a secure, digital office experience that manages the way information is printed, captured and routed, thereby increasing workforce productivity

Key Capabilities

Data and document security

Powerful security features including watermarking and user information/time stamps help businesses improve their security and compliance posture.

Extended mobile capabilities and additional hardware

With multiple ways of authenticating using a mobile device, including NFC/Bluetooth authentication, businesses can help secure print jobs from their mobile workforce.

Hybrid Print Control

Provides the versatility needed to maximize print cost savings and security, while minimizing network print infrastructure costs.


Solves printing challenges by providing a single, intelligent print queue— for every user and every printer. Workers can pick up the job at any printer using Equitrac Follow-You Printing.

Integrated print and scan

With integrated capture capabilities, further reduce print costs by providing employees with an alternative to printing.

Scalable, high-availability architecture

Offers architecture that scales easily in any environment, from small businesses to large enterprises with multiple offices and thousands of devices.

Ease of management

Completely new, web-based administration interface and installation wizard with template-driven configuration tools reduce the time spent configuring a print environment.

Benefits of Kofax Equitrac:

  • Mitigate and minimize security risks by enforcing user-centric print and capture policies
  • Enables follow-you printing, ensuring workers can print and pick documents on-demand anywhere, anytime
  • Secures device with user-based authentication and access controls via mobile devices, or a touch-screen or card reader on the MFP
  • Delivers advanced information protection such as watermarking, encryption and user information stamping
  • Reduce hard print and labour costs, while increasing workforce productivity
  • Information monitoring
  • Information redaction
  • Secure document quarantine and release
  • Minimize the risk of failed compliance audits
  • Offers file quarantine and other data loss prevention methods
  • Tracks all print, capture and routing activities in configurable reports
  • Establishes chain of custody, documenting who has submitted or printed information
  • Provide a unified user experience for managing information print, capture and routing
  • Offers single installer and consistent user experience for administering print, capture and workflows
  • Provides a single mobile app for users to manage their print, capture and routing needs
  • Supports on-premise or cloud deployments
  • Simplify and centrally manage mixed MFP fleets
  • Makes user authentication easy and robust via a single, integrated authentication platform
  • Allows IT to easily control and enforce print, capture and routing controls across any MFP devices
  • Offers the business visibility into print and data capture behaviour and costs
  • Creates a consistent user experience across all MFP devices, increasing usability