Epson is leader in the in the design of projectors and interactive whiteboards across the spectrum of education, ranging from primary schools to universities – and Advanced UK are proud to be working in partnership with Epson!

76% of teachers report that children are less engaged when they struggle to read the display.

The Epson projections for the classroom are ‘ultra-short distance’ devices, mounted to the wall, as may be seen in the image above. When projecting onto an Epson Smart Board, the teacher has a truly interactive display which enables the teacher and students to make annotations on the projected image.

Boost Grades with
Better Student Engagement

Share content between class members with the Multi-PC function which enables up to 50 people to share content from their PCs. The enhanced moderator function gives the teacher an easy way to choose up to four of them for display on the screen at the same time.

The correlation between poor test scores and children experiencing difficulty in reading the screen is reported by 40% of teachers.

Why Projection? Key Facts

  • In classrooms longer than 4m, a 60” flat panel display is akin to trying to read a 14” monitor. It’s essential to use displays of at least 80”.
  • 76% of teachers report that children are less engaged when they struggle to read the display.
  • The correlation between poor test scores and children experiencing difficulty in reading the screen is reported by 40% of teachers.
  • Digital screens are harder to read than projected materials, often due to fingerprints, dust, and glare.
  • 58% of students report that they cannot read all content on a 70” flat-panel display.

Enhancing learning through interactivity

Whether in the classroom or lecture theatre, using finger-touch or dual pen interactivity, Epson’s interactive teaching solutions make it easy to display and edit a wide range of content. Annotate presentations in real time, write, draw and add comments and answers directly onto the screen, as well as saving and sharing collaborative work.

Our new interactive pens are more comfortable to use, with hard or soft tips and battery life three times longer than previous models. Some projectors also feature finger-touch control for even easier involvement.

Advanced interactive teaching solution

Epson education projectors offer dual pen interactivity (EB-710Ui, EB-696Ui, EB-695Wi, EB-685Wi, EB-675Wi only) with a new pen design for comfortable writing and a choice of hard or soft tips, as well as finger-touch interactivity (EB-710Ui, EB-696Ui, EB-695Wi only).

All interactive models have extensive PC-free annotation functions and enhanced moderator function, as well as split-screen capabilities and ultra-wide multiscreen interactivity. Users can also control additional equipment such as a document camera directly from the projector, and all models come with HDMI inputs, integrated 16w speaker and microphone input

Wide Range of Projectors and Smart Boards

See the Epson Digital WhiteBoard in action with our tutorial!

Advanced UK offers the full range of Epson projectors and Smart Boards at special rates for the education sector. Call to discuss.

Laser interactive display


Agile working through content sharing and flexible connectivity with this Full HD laser display solution. The leading solution for classrooms in the U.K.

£3,179.63 (ex. VAT)

Laser interactive display


HD-ready innovative teaching solution with a large scalable screen size of up to 100 inches, designed to enhance collaborative learning.

£1,952.88 (ex. VAT)

Because Display Size Matters!

61% of students can’t read content
on a 70-inch flat panel display

Understanding effective viewing distances


Key areas of focus include

The Epson range of ultra-short distance projectors, such as the, eb-1485fi  are designed for the classroom. They project at ‘Full HD’ resolution to give faithful reproduction of the teacher’s laptop and smart devices.


Additional areas of focus include

Unlike flat-panel displays which enlarge your content by zooming in, the Epson classroom projectors retain all of the detail with absolutely no loss of quality even when you extend the image to its maximum.

Flexible display options and sizes

Your classroom sessions can truly make a difference with the Epson eb-1485fi projector. It’s multi-touch display offers many permutations and ratios including up to 100 inches (16:9 standalone), 120 inches (16:6 standalone), or 155 inches using Epson’s DuoLink feature, which combines two interactive display using built-in Edge Blending.

Fit and forget technology

Once installed, the Epson eb-1485fi projector may be used for up to 20,000 hours without any maintenance, and it also carries a five-year warranty. Together, it’s an obvious solution for schools seeking to reduce their energy and IT support costs.

Quality through technology

The Epson projectors utilise 3LCD technology to deliver high-resolution, combined with a brightness of up to 7,500 lumens. The result is your students experience intense colours to produce vivid, engaging images even in classrooms being used with all of the lights on. In fact, 3LCD projectors are three times brighter than one-chip projectors, while simultaneously reducing the irritating rainbow effect which plagues inferior technologies.

Higher contrast, amazing clarity

Project every detail even on the biggest screens with high contrast ratios up to 2,500,000:1. The result is that the brightest white is 2,500,000 times brighter than the darkest black. This creates an experience which is engaging, rich, and crystal clear.

Key Features

  • Flexible display options and sizes: Cater for user needs in any working environment
  • All-in-one interactive meeting display: Combines multiple resources in one interactive collaboration device
  • Increase productivity & agile working: Share and display content from a range of devices simultaneously
  • Sliding split screen: Up to four displays in one image – project images from different sources
  • Easy installation: Quick set-up with auto-adjusting calibration function

Sliding split screen

Combine up to four sources, such as video conference systems from multiple video sources and presentations, to optimise meeting interactions.

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