Transforms and Optimises Content for Digital Media

In today’s competitive business world, companies are turning to personalised communications that deliver unique messaging relevant for each and every recipient to increase customer loyalty and to expand their customer base. To produce these high-demand, highly customised jobs, you need powerful tools that can handle complex jobs without impacting your production schedule.

Variable jobs don’t have to be difficult. They just have to be profitable. Now, personalised document production doesn’t have to be complex, time-consuming or costly. The award-winning Xerox® FreeFlow® Variable Information (VI) Suite delivers an incredibly fast, personalised printing platform – decreasing the time you spend on document design, file preparation, composition and output. No matter if you choose hard copy or electronic, colour or monochrome, cut-sheet or continuous feed, Xerox® or non-Xerox® printers – with the Xerox® FreeFlow VI Suite, your entire operation will be more productive.

Key Features

  • VI Design Express, an Adobe® InDesign® plug-in, is used to generate variable data applications driven by delimited or XML promotional data. Applications can include variable text, images and layers, data driven business graphics, barcodes, fillable forms for data and signature capture from end users, and powerful conditional logic. Output formats include PDF, VPC and VPP.
  • VI Design Pro is an advanced tool that can unleash the productivity of your staff as they provide sophisticated and complex variable data applications such as transactional documents (bills, statements, policies).
  • VI Compose is a robust composition tool that resides on your printer and constructs your jobs with optimum efficiency, getting print production underway quickly. VI Compose utilises dynamic document construction, merging data and resources at the RIP, eliminating the need for time-consuming pre-composition. VI Compose supports FreeFlow® Print Server-based controllers, FreeFlow Print Server APPE RIPs and external EFI Fiery controllers.
  • VI eCompose is a scalable system that can seamlessly compose PDF files from the same data you send to print. VI eCompose supports PDF interactive features, web job submission for use in SaaS environments, and Adobe job security options. It creates master and optional child PDF files and provides a powerful dispatch module to move jobs to the next step in your workflow process (CRM, archiving, etc.). PDF files generated by VI eCompose can also be printed to any Xerox PS or APPE RIP.
  • The VI Suite components can enable Xerox speciality imagingtext, which provides easy and affordable ways to add unique features to your documents

Key Challenges

  • Customers have strict requirements for quality, turnaround, and price
  • Document design, file preparation, composition, and output are time-consuming
  • Dedicated composition servers are expensive
  • Multiple output formats are needed: print, PDF, electronic, etc.