Imaging Technology

EFI Fiery Print Servers and workflow solutions give you the productivity and quality you need for a more profitable business.

Fiery® servers combine state-of-the-art imaging technology with expert colour management tools to give you colour quality control at every stage of the printing workflow. Providing integrated colour management functionality and working directly with the advanced controls in Fiery Command WorkStation®, the Fiery® Color Profiler Suite includes the expert-level tools to create, edit and maintain colour profiles and reliably match colour to a colour reference. Users can also match output across multiple printers to achieve shop-wide consistency.

Fiery digital front ends

Fiery servers and workflow solutions provide industry-leading performance, colour accuracy, usability, and integration that improve the quality and efficiency of digital printing — and allow you to profitably provide a wider range of print services.

Fiery NX digital front ends
The new Fiery® NX servers drive cutsheet print engines, and offer a new industrial design — precisely crafted with the Fiery operator in mind.

Fiery NX Station
For the highest productivity, choose the new Fiery NX Stations. These centralised workstations boost operator convenience and performance.

Fiery Workflow Suite
The Fiery Workflow Suite products expand the power of Fiery servers, providing solutions for every stage in the print production process. The modular products broaden the server functionality for more advanced colour management, automation, job preparation, and integration.

Fiery for In-Plant/CRD
When your goal is to provide more services for less cost, you need the innovative Fiery® digital front ends and workflow solutions provide the accuracy, security, efficiency, and quality you need to keep you competitive and expand your services.