Vivid Magnum MC-35AS MKF

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Vivid Magnum MC 35AS MKF

Create professional results without the cost of outsourcing. The Magnum MC-35AS+MKF is the Vivid automatic crease/perf and folding system.

The MC-35AS+MKF is equipped with interchangeable creasing/ perforating dies that can quickly switch over from perforating to creasing to prevent digital toner cracking. The MC-35AS+MKF has Strike perf capabilities with partial perforators in both directions for “T” or “box” perforations.

Download the Vivid Magnum MC-35AS MKF brochure


  • 230mm Colour touch screen display and control
  • 100mm Deep pile feeder
  • Automated smart delivery
  • Easily exchangeable slide-in crease/perforate tools
  • High speed job changeover with a 64 job memory
  • Create up to 32 crease/perforations in one pass
  • Top vacuum feeding with central registration
  • Ultrasonic double feed detector
  • New slide-in type crease/perforate dies
  • Adjust slitter position precisely by gauge
  • Slit cassette micro adjustment
  • Partial perf capabilities for “box” or “T” perf
  • Supports laminated stocks
  • High volume waste bin


  • Digital printers
  • Copyshops
  • Commercial printers
  • Inplant print rooms


  • Menus
  • Book covers
  • Leaflets
  • Cards
  • and much more….