Duplo Perfect Binders

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Duplo Perfect Binders

When considering perfect binders, you will be driven by a demand for automation combined with a choice of whether to use EVA or PUR binding glues.

EVA glue benefits your operation because of its inherent immediate curing time: the bound book, for example, may be opened and used within minutes! This aspect of EVA glues has led to their adoption, especially considering the alternatives take longer to set and are more expensive.

Unfortunately, EVA glues aren’t always the correct choice: they don’t perform well when the book is laid flat and the spine bent backwards. To cope with such demands, you’ll want PUR binding glues, but these carry the hazard of being messy, and labour intensive due to the subsequent clean-up times.

The Duplo International range of binders are designed to overcome the challenges of either type of binding glue, regardless of whether you are using table-top or heavy-duty high-output machines.

With such an extended range, we introduce here the most popular models from the Duplo International Booklet Maker range, but rest assured that the production print team at Advanced UK can guide you through all of the options!

DB-290 Hotmelt Perfect Binder

The user-friendly DB-290 perfect binder brings you automatic professional perfect binding to your desktop. The compact DB-290 Hotmelt Perfect Binder is the ideal solution for short-run, on-demand digital print applications.


  • Professional perfect binding
  • Up to 200 books an hour
  • Two separate glue tanks
  • Automatic perfect binding

DPB-500 DuBinder

You truly get your money’s worth with the fast and supremely well-engineered DuBINDER DBP-500 machine. It is fully automatic and has a single clamp design, giving a cycling speed of 525 books per hour. A highly cost-efficient binder.


  • Perfect binding on-demand
  • Creasing and feeding
  • Reduced make-ready times
  • Cover feed detection

Duplo Binder PFi BIND 6000 Series

The PFi BIND 6000 series are single clamp fully automatic easy to use perfect binders. They can easily produce up to 300 books an hour and have a cycling speed of 600 cycles per hour. They feature complete automation with in-line scoring, and cover feeding as standard. They can bind anything and everything with ease. PUR binding has never been so easy! The 6000 series features the PFi BIND 6000 DUO and PFi BIND 6000 PUR. The PFi BIND 6000 DUO enables the operator to select between PUR and EVA for side gluing whereas the PFi BIND 6000 PUR uses PUR only. The PFi BIND 6000 series are the ideal solution for a printer who has litho and digital presses and is producing high to mid volume production runs. The DUO is specially designed for printers who need options.


  • Fully automated and easy use
  • Fully automatic set-up
  • Easy to use, maintain and clean
  • Can handle wide variety of media types

Duplo Binder PFi BIND 2100 PUR

The PFi BIND 2100 PUR will help commercial printers and in-plants to bring in-house the highly profitable short run, on-demand jobs. The 2100 is ridiculously simple to use and is designed to deskill the PUR binding process. It takes automation to a new level, each book is automatically measured and the amount of glue on each book block is intelligently applied on the fly. The Patented Orbital PUR System makes the cleaning and maintenance process almost redundant which results in huge savings of expensive PUR glue, wax and manhours.


  • The simplest and most advanced PUR Binder
  • Auto-mode
  • Closed tank system
  • Quick & easy cleaning