Direct Mail

From Personalized to Personal

Marketers have re-embraced direct mail as innovations in print technologies, workflow automation and personalization drive opportunities for more relevant, personal customer communications.

Direct mail continues to be a solid opportunity when used as a strategic advantage. Here are some conversation starters to convey the value you can bring to your clients’ business.

Moving from Personalized to Personal. Relevance is the key to direct mail success. Help your clients understand that personalization means more than simply including a recipient’s name – it means tailoring imagery, messaging and information to that specific individual.

Integrating Direct Mail with Digital Media. Data indicates that print-only campaigns achieve average response rates of 7.4% and action rates of 7.1%, while campaigns leveraging print, email, social media and mobile applications achieve 9.5% and 8.6%, respectively. Help your clients understand and appreciate the value of integrated campaigns, and develop the capabilities to deliver them.

Demonstrating Results. Marketers want the ability to measure communication effectiveness. Stress that direct mail, when integrated with digital media, is measurable. Encourage clients to experiment by testing different offers and messaging to track their impact on results for maximum return on investment.