Digital Packaging

Unlocking market potential

Digital print technologies, once reserved in the packaging industry for prototyping and proofing, are now unlocking market potential by solving many core challenges. As a result, there is a fundamental rethinking for how packaging can be produced most efficiently and effectively.

Meeting Brand Owner Demands. Brand owners are under enormous pressure from their channels to reduce costs, increase speed to market and boost results. Digital packaging and labels offer them the flexibility to fine-tune their marketing by running smaller quantities for test, regional and seasonal marketing. Digital production eliminates expensive setup costs and long lead times.

Maximising Supply Chain Efficiency. Digital printing technology is transforming the packaging supply chain by delivering high reliability and premium quality while reducing costs. It’s also helping brand owners comply with sustainability and food label regulations, and fulfil orders in flexible quantities.

Satisfying Demand for Personalisation, Versioning and Brand Protection. More and more customers are approaching converters and print providers with specialised jobs that can’t be done on conventional printing presses, including consecutive numbering, barcoding, regionalisation, multiple languages and variable text. Many are seeking solutions to fight counterfeiting and secure products, such as serial numbering and security markings.

Managing Increasing Number of SKUs. An increase in the number of product SKUs (Stock Keeping Units) has been a major trend in recent years. Digital printing can help manufacturers deliver expanded product offerings to accommodate retail channel demands for specific product versions, and special or seasonal promotions on their packaging.