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This incredible app makes scanning and printing even more powerful! The App reinvents how scanning and printing looks like. It handles your paperwork much easier, faster and more effective. It’s the only cloud-based solution enabling extensions for server-like functions. Suitable for companies of any size & number of branches.

Scanning and Printing Reinvented

Users are excited about

  • comfort thanks to SingleSignOn to cloud storages or the app itself
  • intuitive user interface on the panel of multiunction printer
  • no need to finish the scanning process from a workstation
  • fast and automatic conversion of paper document without using a work station

Managers appreciate

  • higher productivity of workers
  • very few issues compared to server based solutions
  • two business models to choose between
  • easily expandable to new or additional devices

IT administrator likes

  • central web interface at OptimiDoc Cloud Portal
  • easy installation and setting of the application
  • possibility to provide support for customers or users remotely
  • no need for a server or workstation client



OptimiDoc Cloud is very comfortable App, if not the most comfortable ConnectKey App, especially thanks to the SingleSignOn to your Cloud Accounts. You don’t need to login to your Cloud Account each time you scan or print.

Simple implementation

OptimiDoc Cloud App is available on XeroxAppGallery. You only need to install the App to your Xerox device. And then you need to set up your account at:

Partner Portal

This is a website with hierarchical overview of your customer base. It allows you to manage your customer’s account settings, their balance or licensing and many other useful necessities. It also enables very quick remote support!

Customer Portal

An intuitive website handling particular App settings. Such as personalized scan workflows, print connectors, users and many other properties. Changes you apply here instantly spread acros all your devices!

Encryption and Security

OptimiDoc Cloud utilizes SSL protocol for encryption of data transferred between MFP and Microsoft Azure. All the data are safely transferred and secured using Microsoft standards. OptimiDoc is GDPR Compliant.


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