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Data Security

Advanced UK wants to help you become better data citizens and can help you with GDPR compliance using our leading professional services team. We also address the technology area to ensure you set up some simple steps to help you with paper based data breaches by helping you adopt a secure print environment. We can help with data classification, help track any vulnerabilities with Cisco McAfee, redaction and red flag any high sensitive printing into an audit trail. We also have a shredding service to help you with paper destruction.


Advanced UK recognises that the world of office printing is changing and we will help you simplify workflows and seek digital alternatives as new technologies like 3D Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Artifical Intelligence impact more across businesses. Our depth of alliance partners and our ecosystem strengthens our proposition, so you receive better value across the entire contract term. The Advanced UK team will also help you enjoy the “out of the box” solutions you receive and all the developing cloud and app based innovations.

Working Smarter

Our solutions are now far more capable, and we will work with you to maximise the return on investment you get by embracing a different way of working. Instead of thinking about our solutions simply as multi-functional products, we will demonstrate the simplicity and power of these Internet of Things (IoT) citizens we call workplace assistants. We have an open API with multiple connectors around the connect key ecosystem already developed into various ERP, CRM, back-end systems like one drive, google drive, Microsoft 365 and SharePoint.

Cost Efficiency

Advanced UK knows that every company is focused on cost savings and efficiencies. We help you clearly define a print strategy as well as identify and manage any print trends. We can work with you to maintain control volumes by 15% or higher and where we go in and conduct a Columbus print and digital assessment we can help you realise savings up to 30%


All our products are certified to The Blue Angel global standard, the worlds most widely recognised accreditation for environmentally friendly product design, for over 40 years.  We also assist in reducing the carbon footprint of your print estate by up to 15%. We do this by using leading innovative gamification apps to help you encourage bottom-up buy-in to achieve better environmental standards.