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Building on the continued success of the Versant series of light production digital presses, the Versant 280 is designed to deliver profitability for the commercial print industry, where shorter production runs, are coupled with demands faster turnarounds and industry leading print enhancements too. The goal: to create improved profitability for every commercial print operation.

For breakthrough profitability options, explore the Versant 280

The Xerox Versant series is the most successful production-grade digital press in history, and with the launch of the 280, you gain even greater versatility, with capabilities the competition can’t match. It’s a demanding market out there, and your print buyers are challenging you to deliver quality print, faster than ever before, but with the enhancements less sophisticated presses can’t match: to compete, you need faster printing, more colours, ultra-high definition, and a full spectrum of finishing options.

  • Print ‘All Stocks at Rated Speed’ (ASRS) 80 ppm even on 400gsm media
  • Flexible, production-ready finishing and feeding
  • A range of Digital Front Ends to fit every print environment
  • Load with envelopes and stock as small as 98 x 146 mm)
  • Gain 2,400 x 2,400 dpi resolution with 10-Bit rendering
  • Add inline finishing options, including full-bleed, square-edged booklets
  • Exceptional reliability and image quality
  • The Xerox Adaptive CMYK+ options deliver new toners including gold, silver, and even fluorescents
  • Automate! The inline X-Rite Spectrophotometer maximises productivity
  • Built-in security; workflow app-ready
  • Copy, print, scan, fax, email
  • Best for high end departmental, print professional, and in-plant customers
  • A choice of print servers allows you to boost colour management and streamline labour-intensive processes
  • Up to 80ppm
  • Up to 80K pages/month

Meet the Xerox® Versant 280

Xerox Versant 280 Press 2

Improve your image

The Versant 280 is a quantum leap forward in bringing quality and versatility to the light production press market. At Advanced UK, we understand the challenges faced by the commercial print / production print market, and we love how the Versant 280 meets those challenges head-on.

Maximum productivity and waste reduction are the keys to profitability, so start by understanding that the Versant 280 ensures toner consistency, coverage, alignment and registration by incorporating SIQA, Simple Image Quality Adjustment to automate the quality output.

Maintaining print quality is part of the press operator’s job, but colour consistency checks slow your true print speed. The Versant 280 solves this by incorporating full-spectrum colour management hardware and software. Central to this is the provision of an inline X-Rite® spectrophotometer. Together with the Colour Profiler Suite and Automated Colour Quality Suite (ACQS), you print operators can focus on delivery and let your new digital press deliver the results without constant interruptions for adjustments.

Dedicated EFI Fiery® Print Servers

You know that getting the very best out of your new digital press demands a matching digital front-end, and the Versant 280 comes with a choice of the Xerox Fiery EX-280 or EX-I 280 print servers.

With the optional Adaptive CMYK+ Kit, the Fiery Driven™ Versant 280 Press can be almost instantly configured to print millions of colours via multiple drop-in/pull-out toner and specialty toner sets, including white, metallics, and Xerox-exclusive fluorescent CYM.

The Xerox EX-i 280 Print Server is perfect for printing large and complex jobs from Microsoft Office, as well as from the Adobe PDF suite where colour accuracy is paramount. While one page is printing, the server is preparing – and storing into memory – the next page. This maintains print throughput.

We recommend EFI Fiery FreeForm Create with the EX-I, ensuring you can personalise existing files without investing in additional VDP software.

The Xerox EX 280 Print Server is the EX-I’s big brother, offering double the job processing performance, thanks to its 10-bit architecture and special processing routines to deliver smooth vector gradients.

EX 280 buyers usually follow our software recommendations and add the Fiery Graphic Arts Package, Premium Edition, to achieve perfect colour reproduction on-the-fly, thus reducing waste and the lost productivity of re-running jobs.

Xerox Versant 280 Press 1

Get IT Support

Our team is based in Uxbridge and are currently resolving over 30% of faults remotely within 10 minutes. Our helpdesk team are IT & customer service trained, and we can dial into your devices to speed up any resolutions.