Xerox Versant V280 Production Printer Review

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Xerox Versant V280 – we review this new digital production press.

Xerox Versant V280 Production Printer
As every commercial printer and copy shop owner in the UK contemplates business for 2021, top of their minds will be how to build a more profitable future. There are many considerations, from choosing the most cost effective digital and inkjet press solutions, prepress automation software, offering print personalisation, and upgrading their production print finishing solutions.

How to attract cautious print buyers?

But one factor will keep coming back to the top of the business owner’s list: how to increase margins of shorter runs, and how to attract cautious print buyers with a better quality of print output, with the features and colours they’re demanding?

In the UK and Europe, we’ve seen the emphasis on profitability drive purchasing decisions. For increased margins on shorter runs, the challenge is to print All Stocks at Rated Speeds (ASRS), and a typical demand is to achieve an 80ppm throughput on 400gsm substrates!

The demands for CMYK+ and fluorescent inks

The modern print buyer is more sophisticated than ever, and they’re able to submit their jobs to multiple shops for quotations. Here is where we’re seeing demands for CYMK+ coming to the fore, with clear, gold, silver, true black and true white high-definition toners becoming show-stoppers: if you can meet the client’s expectations, you’ll probably lose the job. Over 2020, the introduction of fluorescents inks has added to the challenge. Can you deliver a full spectrum colour palette?

Xerox Versant V280 Digital Press.

The Xerox Versant V280 is unequalled

In all respects, the new Xerox Versant V280 is unequalled by any press in this class. It meets every challenge above, and it encapsulates the production print productivity mantra for 2020 and beyond. Here’s the digital press which changes the dynamics of profitability.

Print on any media from 52-400gsm

Building on the success of the V180, the V280 brings all of the benefits of the exclusive Xerox Adaptive CMYK+, but now you can print on media from 52-400gsm. With the remarkable Interface Decurler Module (IDM/ASRS), the system cools and de-curls 25% faster, even on 400gsm stock, so your press runs at its full 80ppm rated speed. Translate that into your margins on heavy stock long-runs jobs, and the saving become significant. Fast.

The V280 has the inline spectrophotometer advantage

Productivity isn’t just about print speeds, far from it. Operator intervention is a huge factor and using hand-held spectrophotometers for print server calibrations slows you down. Make a mistake, and you have a job headed to recycling.

With the V280’s Inline Spectrophotometer (ILS) built into the paper path, you achieve automated colour management through the Automated Colour Quality Suite (ACQS). The result: stable, accurate, and repeatable colour, increased productivity, and less wastage.

Print window clings, decals, embossed papers, and synthetics

Hands-on, we like that the Versant 280 offers multiple feeding, finishing and workflow options, and when we dig a little deeper and consider its capabilities in terms of the short-run job, we discover that the range of approved stocks ranges from coated and uncoated papers as you might expect, but extends to synthetics, window clings and decals, embossed papers, and even polyesters.

Readers familiar with the Advanced UK ethos know that we believe pre-press workflow automation is an essential component of any modern print shop, and so we think it’s important to stress that the Xerox FreeFlow Core suite features multiple pre-built workflows and tools written specially for this latest generation of printer.

To learn about the V280 and its big brother, the V4100, why not book a session with the Advanced UK production print team?

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Xerox Versant V280 Production Printer Review

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